A little over a week ago, I asked for you feedback on an idea. I wondered what the community thought about starting a sports freewriting group that would hopefully bring new writers to Scorum, help us produce more content, and enable writers to come up with new ideas to write about outside of this program. All feedback was considered (thank you!), and I'm back with the details of the Scorum Sports Freewriting program that will launch with the first challenge later this week.

We will start with the following 5 topics so you can get an idea of how this will work. All other topics will be a secret until the day I publish the challenge post. I will post the challenge along with my 10-minute freewrite, which will follow the rules below. The first five topics are as follows:

1. The Sport I Don’t Understand

2. My Greatest Day As A Sports Fan

3. The One Rule (pick a sport) Should Change and Why

4. Some People Think (X) is a Sport, Here’s Why it Isn’t

5. My Personal Greatest Sports Achievement

I will give you suggestions on your title for each post and you can draw inspiration from my freewrite if you choose, although I recommend you just go for it! Think about the topic for a minute so you can know what direction you would like to go in, and then just let it flow.


Due to concerns about the quality of posts coming from a 5-minute freewrite, here is the suggested format for everyone who would like to participate and qualify for upvotes and prizes.

1. Spend 10 minutes on the freewrite. Use a timed on YouTube, your phone or watch.

2. Spend at least 5 minutes cleaning up your post to remove errors and add anything extra that would make your post intriguing and of value to others.

3. At the end of your post, create a page break and explain that this is part of the Scorum Sports Freewrite group.

4. Use an image (I use Canva for copyright-free images) in your post and properly source it.

5. Use the tag sportsfreewrite when you publish your post.

6. BONUS: If you came up with additional article ideas during your freewrite, list those ideas at the bottom of your post. I want to know if this freewriting exercise is helping you be a better and more-involved writer here on Scorum!

The goal is not to write an amazing article, it’s to improve your writing, add value to other readers here by engaging them, and to get you and others more involved.

Prizes/Rewards for Participation

For quality entries, I will be giving out upvotes, up to 100% (most will be 100%). Please remember to use the tag sportsfreewrite when you publish your post.

I will also be giving out 100 SCR a week to participants -- two 50 SCR payouts to the best entries each week.

Stay tuned for my first post and freewrite and ask any questions you may have below!