Hi, welcome onboard. Sequel to my birthday post[ https://scorum.com/en-us/scorum/@ogeewitty/my-birthday-post-cryptocurrency-is-it-a-currency ], I dish out more new found "American knowledge", hehe.

It's no longer news that cryptocurrencies entered into a bear market at the end of 2017. Many of them have recovered and are now in a new bull market.

Scorum is different from most of the other cryptocurrencies though because it is not just a currency, it is an entire ecosystem that needs people inputting work in order to thrive. Most of the crypto projects that are in a bull market right now are dependent on the users to continually input fiat currencies and pay fees in order to keep it rising. But with Scorum there are no fees nor any need for members to continually add more fiat currency in order for it to profit and enter into a bull market. The reason behind this difference is that we depend on advertising money to fund all of our operations. The more members that we have and the more people who visit our site the more advertising money that Scorum earns.

So if I may repeat, what we need is more members– the more members we have and the larger our network becomes, the more valuable Scorum becomes and this will be translated into a higher value for SCR.


Advertising on Scorum—

Advertising on Scorum is purchased with SCR, so you see, Scorum needs "adoption (members)" to write articles and to use the Scorum applications in order to attract more advertisers. Those advertisers will purchase SCR from the open market to place an advert on Scorum, most of the SCR that they use to purchase an advert goes into the rewards pool and is paid out to the writers on Scorum, the rest of that SCR is used to pay for more development and increase the number of applications on Scorum. This then will increase our membership as new people come to use those new applications.

Infact ab initio, Scorum's model was to sell almost all of the liquid coins during the ICO(Initial Coin Offering) in order to gain the required funding to complete the initial roadmap. From that point forward, all funding would have come from advertising revenue. So the "more members" theme still keeps ringing as a necessity for the growth of Scorum even unto adoption by the general public; then we can enjoy ample rewards for our work whether we be content creators, investors or developers.


Generally even, this is the way life and markets work.