In this blog I am going to try to extrapolate what our Development Team has revealed about the planned "Play to Earn" (P2E) games on the Scorum blockchain as well is our integration with other existing non-crypto P2E gaming sites and how these changes might affect the overall Scorum economy.

Scorum Inc. Graphic

Launching the First Game (Aviator) Internally on Scorum

Prior to launching the first game the Scorum blockchain we will require a hard fork in order to facilitate the creation, storage and transference of NFT's. This will, in effect, then be the third asset class on the Scorum blockchain joining SCR coins and SP tokens that already exist. If there are any other asset additions to be included they have not yet been announced, but we know for sure that just prior to the launch of the game we will experience this fork with the addition of NFT tokens.

In order to play Aviator members will be required to log-in to the application in the same manner that we currently use when logging-in to the blogging and betting applications. It is my understanding that after logging-in you will enter the "Lobby" for the game, here you will see several options for actions that you can perform and also information about the game and your current status. I'm not going to try and go through all of these options that I have not even seen yet, but what I'm most interested in for this blog is how these changes and how playing the game might affect our economy. I say might because until we see it in action we won't know for sure, but here is what I think that we are going to see.

  • First off, anyone who wants to play this game directly inside Scorum will need an account with a Scorum wallet, so if the game is fun and popular we could gain members.
  • You will need SCR to play the game, thus this game will be an added use case for SCR.
  • In order to play the game you will need a plane (NFT) and these NFT's will require SCR to purchase.
  • Members with SP in their account will earn free NFT's and the initial uniqueness and power of your NFT will depend on the amount of SP that you hold.
  • These NFT's will gain power and value over time according to the success that you have with them and the amount of playing time that you accrue.
  • There will be a marketplace where we can purchase new planes or sell our existing planes to other members.

All of these actions tie up SCR during a transaction loop, the number of SCR held inside the game at any given time will depend on the number of players, but it is safe to say that as long as there are members playing there will always be a certain number of SCR that are in use and thus unavailable in the short term. If this averages out to be 100 SCR per player and there are an average of 100 members playing the game at any given time then there would be 10,000 SCR always in use and unavailable for any other purpose. This is just an example and we probably don't have the membership numbers to support this inside Scorum right now, but you can get an idea from this example how the game might affect our economy by making usable SCR more scarce. Imagine now a hundred different games and hundreds of thousands of members playing these games and collecting NFT's, this could tie up a million SCR at any given time of the day.

Another thing that happen within the Scorum economy is that there would be a sharp increase the the velocity of SCR through the blockchain. In other words a certain amount of SCR would be constantly changing hands and circulating through our economy. Our number of transactions per minute will increase as more and more SCR is put into motion throughout the system and there will be a constant demand for new SCR with each new game or use case is created, or when members convert SCR to SP in order to improve the quality of the NFT's that they can create. This increase in velocity will have a positive effect on liquidity because there will always be a large number of coins in motion all of the time meaning no lag time for customers needing a trade or other transaction.

Cross-Chain Bridging and Collaborations

Soon we will have our first fully functional cross-chain bridge to Binance Smart Chain, this means that not only will Scorum members gain full access to BSC applications but also BSC users will gain access to Scorum applications including our P2E games. The modification to the current existing bridge that is now underway will make the bridge more efficient and make using the decentralized exchanges on BSC easier from a price discovery standpoint. This bridge to BSC will create even more cross-chain bridge possibilities, and each new bridge will open up more applications and decentralized finance opportunities for Scorum members. As SCR moves across these chains to take advantage of these new opportunities then that SCR will temporarily be out of circulation on the Scorum blockchain further increasing the scarcity of available SCR.

When BSC users, or any other users on blockchains that we have bridged to, cross that bridge in order to use Scorum applications they will be here with a specific purpose in mind. They will either be using our applications which will help our internal economy, or they will be investing in the Scorum blockchain long term which will increase the overall value of our digital assets. All of this cross chain movement will increase our network size and outreach, thus ever increasing the value of the Scorum blockchain.

I have saved the best for last!

I'm not sure if everyone understands the impact that collaborating with existing P2E game operators could have on Scorum. The enormity of this move can not be overstated, in effect this could turn out to be a game changer for not just Scorum but all of the crypto world. The easy to see part of these collaborations is that these gaming platforms already have a large existing clientele, so just introducing our new P2E NFT/Crypto game Aviator on their platform stands to vastly increase the membership level and overall users on the Scorum blockchain. But there is much more to this plan which, when it is fully realized, could shock the entire blockchain world.

Not only will these existing P2E gamers be able to play Aviator, but they will suddenly be able to both purchase and cash out NFT's and their new cryptocurrency using their existing gaming platform fiat accounts! This then could become the easiest fiat to crypto onboarding method in the world to date. Not only will they be able to purchase SCR and Scorum NFT's, but they will not be required to open a direct Scorum account or hold their own keys unless they just decide that they want to get more deeply involved with cryptocurrency. If they do decide to take control of their own crypto, Scorum will make the job easy and painless for them which means that we could onboard thousands of new members directly into the Scorum community from these gaming platforms.

As Scorum members we will also want to have an account on these gaming platforms, can you see the obvious advantage of easy SCR conversion?

But this does not stop with Aviator, imagine if all of those already existing P2E games on every gaming platform in the world had both a fiat version and a Scorum integration crypto version to play! That's right, the Scorum dev's have made it a fairly simple task to convert those existing games over so that they can now utilize SCR and Scorum NFT's as game rewards. This could not only open up thousands of new games for Scorum members to play but also that provide many new use cases for SCR. Can anyone say MooooooN?

Scorum Inc. Graphic

In case you didn't realize it, that is what this graphic that the team designed was all about. They now have a clear plan and they have possibly leaped ahead of the crypto pack without anyone having realized it yet. Not only do we have a solid and proven blockchain foundation with fast, easy, and free transactions, but now we may have the fastest, easiest, and cheapest method for blockchain adoption and fiat conversion available. Now you tell me, what would you say that all of this is worth? I dare say that it is many many times higher than our current market cap indicates.