The unfaithful never cries, and the selfish man never remembers any memory. When the mind is good, everything feels good, and when the mind is bad, the good also feels bad. This is the law of nature.

That man is a little too happy. But he suffers a lot from a small injury. I show anger to him whom I love so much, and I have the right to look and show anger that some people who love me prayed for him. The situation is now such that the man will now believe her by praying for her to be forgotten. Some people wipe their eyes and now lie no matter how close they are. It is wise to remove oneself before it is worthless to anyone. Only then can one understand the mistakes of one's life.

When a lot of rot is lost from his life due to mistake. What a bad student can learn from a skilled teacher. A good student can learn many more things from a bad teacher than that. So the teacher is not the big thing. The big thing is how much power or desire you have to accept.

The people who tell you you can't do it, you can't do it are probably the people who are afraid to think that you can actually do it while you're alive. Then the ant eats and again when the snake dies the ant eats the snake. A tree can be used to make millions of match sticks and a match stick can be used to burn millions of trees. So we must not forget that there is someone stronger than us and that is our Creator. I used to talk a lot, now I have learned to be quiet, I used to love to be with everyone, now I have learned to be alone. I used to love everyone with a smile, but now before I come, I think twice that no one has changed my life with time, because there is nothing more intoxicating than drowning in love.

Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Before setting foot in the city of love, make yourself with hard materials, because just as there is more pain in love than there is death, this love lasts, no weapon is needed to break faith. Some acting and some words are enough. Let the mind float with the river and fly like a flower, but don't let it mix with bad people.

Then you will never find the meaning of life. If the language of the mouth is bad then the character is not bad. Behind the sweet words, even the bad character of many people cannot be understood. Excessive emotion and excessive maya, these two things become the most difficult cause for life. Only the fear of losing we repeatedly forgive people who are actually unforgivable. There is no harm in bowing down to love. But I say that he who really loves you will never let you down. It is better not to explain it to them anymore because they have yet to learn.

People close to you are always the ones who hit the back with the opportunity of weakness. That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. People fall in love with someone horrible even once in their life and even in this life of love, when the need of those who come to them in time is exhausted, they go away again. And believing the unbeliever anew is the greatest in the world.

Do not be deceived by those who believe in you. Because it might not matter to you. But his whole world will be dark. Education is not just from books. Lessons can also be learned from people nearby. Not all girls look for money and find a place of trust and confidence.