Hey Scorum Fam,

Wow, what a week! Just got back from Token 2049 in Dubai, and despite kicking off with the craziest rainstorm — literally stopping the city — it couldn’t dampen our spirits. We had high hopes for our first major web3 event of the year, and it didn’t just meet our expectations, it blew them away!

We navigated through the storms, both weather-wise and scheduling-wise, and came out with some amazing connections, insights, and plans for the future. Let’s dive into the highlights!

Days at Token 2049

We had two jam-packed days meeting some big names and fresh faces in the web3 world. Here’s what went down:

  • Media Connections: We got to talk with top sites like VoiceofCrypto, NewBTCBitcoinist and BlockTempo. It’s safe to say Scorum and Aviatrix are getting some solid buzz!
  • Big Moves: We're in talks to join the Blockchain Game Alliance and team up with BonusBlock. Looks like some game-changing stuff is on the way!
  • Forging Partnerships: We connected with over 20 web3 projects. We’re building a strong network, and we're excited to see where these new relationships will take us.

Side Events Galore

From the HAQQ Network’s Blockchain Yacht Gala to the Animoca portfolio day, the sidelines buzzed with as much action as the main event. Each meet-up was a hotbed of insights and introductions.

Our Spotlight Moment: Nibiru Unchained - Beach Party in Dubai

With over 3,000 registrants, our sponsored event by Nibiru was a hit! We showcased how Cosmos’s blockchain is revolutionizing game development — think seamless inter-blockchain communication and a unified marketplace for Web2 and Web3!

A few interesting quotes that highlight the essence of our speech there:

Cosmos's Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol is a game-changer. It enables seamless communication with other chains, enhancing our ability to scale our user database effortlessly.
The Cosmos ecosystem offers a suite of developer-friendly tools that significantly accelerate our development process.
A key part of our approach involves the integration of a common marketplace that merges liquidity from both our Web2 and Web3 platforms.

Vlad’s Japanese Crypto Conquest & Beyond

Our own Vlad nearly conquered the Japanese market at the Japan Crypto Fusion event. And, of course, the after-party at Burj Khalifa and After 2049 gave us a stunning wrap-up to our week.

NFTs and Memecoins: The Fun Side of Token 2049

We didn't just stick to business; NFTs were on our radar too. Met some of the heavy hitters from Bored Ape and Yugalabz. The Memecoin Summit certainly deserves a shout-out. It was a playful and lively part of our Token 2049 experience. Can you guess which might be the first to feature on Aviatrix? 😉

By the Numbers:

  • 1,5 week in Dubai
  • 2 days at Token 2049
  • 1 sponsored event
  • 10+ side events attended
  • Countless new friends and potential partners

What’s Next?

We're not just stopping here. Two new partnerships are on the horizon next week and much more after that, and we’re already gearing up as platinum sponsors for the next big web3 expo in Amsterdam. Details soon!

From a rain-soaked start to a finish line at the Burj Khalifa, we're set on our moon mission, propelled by the stellar potential of the Cosmos blockchain. Here’s to making every splash count!

Stay tuned, stay hyped!