Where I will recap highlights of my week in sports, and things I want the Scorum community to know.

The World Cup airdrop has landed like mana from heaven. Active users who have made comment and/or posted in July had their post payouts increased! I do not have the stats but let me just say that my stake more than doubled! This is the time foe you to get active and stay active!

The most active people I have seen are either the ones the best at making content or the ones who think I won't catch them stealing articles off google. Obviously you know which group I love to see on here. And I am going to make a much more dedicated effort to rubbing elbows with them daily.

Which includes making a few life choices.

I just deleted reddit off my phone. I have wasted too many hours hoping to find some hot article about crypto I did not already know. It slowly dawned on me I was burying my free time under the weight of rehashed articles, ominous sources and nothing that really impacted me, my portfolio or my expectations.

We have been gifted an opportunity. A platform where most users will not give two steaming hot shits what a blockchain is or liquidity on exchanges.

Every single friend of mine who had the able time to write has said something along the lines of;

"I can talk about sports and get paid for my opinons? Sign me up."

Over the past week I have been tinkering with new ideas for content and even went to a few sporting events. Some casual and one professional.

It was refreshing to go somewhere take a few pictures and know hey I have some original content that I can potentially pay for rent with. Or wow this could pay for these nice seats.

More to come about those events later.


The community has been so warm and welcoming to me and my friends that we have decided to do a contest with over 50 SP in prizes!

On behalf of SmartMedia group and @primetimesports

I give you..

Our very first paid contest.

For over 50 SCR in prizes!

Click below!


It is an experiment. Open to all UNLESS you are a known plagiarist. Already kicked one person because he actively plagiarizes. #ohwell.

Another thing I am going to add. I will be covering more about College Football, WWE and video games (under the banner of esports).

We shall see what the community likes more of and ill go that route or I can keep pin balling back and forth. Eh we shall see.

Keep scoring!

Proud Scorum Recruiter and keystone member of SmartMediaGroup on discord.

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