Some of us who are already familiar with Steemit should know how curation reward works but for those who are still new to a blockchain blogging platform like Scorum may not have a clear understanding about what it's all about.

This post will serve as an eye-opener to newbies and perhaps those regular members who don't have a clear understanding about curation rewards

Here are the 4 things your probably don't know about curation rewards

  1. Upvotes of new members have little or no noticeable effects

As a new member, you're advised to focus more on building your SP than worrying yourself over curation rewards. You should focus on using your upvote to encourage those you find their articles inspiring and not necessarily expecting to make gains from it. With your 5 SP delegation gifted to you as a new member, your day of reward is coming when you work hard and progress in your journey but definitely not now

Some of us started our journey with 5 SP which had an upvote value of $0.05 as at then, but now, the same 5 SP upvote value has reduced to $0.02 or thereabout. Can you now see that you're not going to get a tangible curation reward from that, hence, the need to focus more on using your SP to encourage people you find their post inspiring while you hope your benevolence is reciprocated.

2. Weekly Reward Distribution

I don't know if anyone has noticed this but I got to notice it last month. For some time I have been observing that I always receive some amount of SP every Sunday around 21:30 GMT and I think this was stated in the white paper that those who always keep their VP below 100% are entitled to receiving a certain bonus.

Also, you should have noticed that your SP increases a bit a few minutes or hours after upvoting a post. The more reason why you shouldn't always keep your VP at 100% because you will be missing the bonus

3. By default, non pro members upvote at 100%

Have you wondered why your VP drains so fast when you upvote a few posts? The reason is this, unless you have the pro badge you can't regulate your upvote gauge which means your VP is set by default to upvote a post at 100% until you get the slider which will enable you to set the percentage. As a non pro member, your VP drains by 5% for every upvote and that's why it will drain so fast of you hit the upvote button 10 times daily

As a non pro member, you get curation rewards and as well weekly distribution too and you get more as your SP increases

4. Early Curators receive more curation rewards

I've always asked myself this question "what's the ideal time to upvote a post and get more curation rewards?" but I couldn't find an answer to this question until John_MCT n the telegram group said the early you upvote a post the more curation you will get on that post, especially if that post ends up having a lot of buck.

The curation rewards are weighted more heavily towards the early voters for an article, so if you find a great post soon after it’s published and nobody has voted for it yet, you vote for it, and then many more people vote over the coming days, you’ll get rewarded more for ‘finding’ a post that went on to get high rewards. This is what some of us don't know but I'm glad glad you just did.

These are just the little I can think of about curation rewards

Please know that these are just my own personal observations and I will be glad you correct me if I was wrong at a point

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 😎