In our personal life as well as on Scorum, we tend to take failure so personal that makes us end up in fear and complacency. Some of us grew up as kids with the mentality that failure is one of the greatest calamities that can ever befall a man, but adulthood and life experiences made us realize that the fear of failure itself is the reason why many remain at perpetual standstill.

A person who easily quits will never be a winner and that's why there are a lot of unsuccessful people out there. The problem with some of us is that it's either we compare our weaknesses to the strength of others, or focus more on the achievements of successful people and want to be exactly like them.

I just felt I should write this inspiring post today just to inspire someone, and here's a little tips that will help your journey in life and on the Scorum platform.

1. You need critics to attain height

There are a lot of sadists out there who are always looking for every little opportunity to pull you down. Such people are never interested in anything you've done right but are always watching out to point out your errors. They're always blind to see anything you've done right but when it comes to pointing out your flaws, they jump out from nowhere and begin to throw tantrums.

We have such people in our surroundings and on Scorum who we can't completely avoid but we should learn to deal with them. The most important thing that will keep you on the right track is to have a spirit of perseverance and continue working towards improving yourself and achieving what you set out to do.

Unfortunately, some of us is that we find it very difficult to deal with the feeling of frustration mounted on us by people who don't see all the efforts we put into what we do, but we just can't let that discourage us.

2. Keep your hopes high

The person who introduced me to Scorum isn't active here because he was disappointed he wasn't getting a decent upvote on his posts. He complained of how his posts were not smelling the hot and tending pages, therefore, his interest on Scorum fizzled-out.

Now I'm almost approaching 5k SP while the person who introduced me to Scorum has less than 50SP (you can imagine). Although, I respect his reason for not being active but I'm not going to do the same even though I get less than $2 on my posts.

In life, nothing keeps you going like having high hopes and motivating yourself even when things are not going well. Even when I was making less than $2 on my posts as a newbie, I still had high hopes. This is the habit every newbie should cultivate

3. There's no success without labour

If anybody tells you all you need is post good content and then you start seeing hundred of bucks on your post, they are only deceiving you. The truth is that brilliant students don't always get the best result and this is a fact you should embrace. Success requires a battle and that's why you have to fight your way to the top anywhere you find yourself.

Some of us, likewise myself knows close to nothing about sports but I've tried all efforts to make myself fit in into this kind of system through consistency and persistence and I've been able to improve tremendously.

I'm a lifestyle and relationship writer but Scorum has brought out the sports writing ability in me. Although, I still make mistakes in my posts but I still keep improving everyday.

Success is all about labour and hard work and without labour, there will be no reward. If nobody seems to be noticing you, do something to to make people notice you but you don't have to ass-lick anybody.

4. Cowardice lowers your chances of financial breakthrough

If you check around, you will realize that most of the big guys on Scorum with tons of SP, these are guys who don't fear failure. They invested their hard earned money in SCR with the hope that they will reap bountifully in the future.

You can't continue to be a coward all your life, the same way you can't be a sheep all your life. There are time when you need to be a lion.

If you're that type who still allows cowardice dominate your mind, you can't move mountains.

5. Life is not a bed of roses

When you look at the SP of some people you envy them wish you had such amount of SP but do you have any idea of the struggles they endured to reach that level?

Everybody fantasizes such a feat but the reality is we all have hardships. Life is not a bed of roses and we all have to make a place for ourselves in this world. We have to face hardships in our lives owing to many things and our own circumstances.

Passing through hardship is a phase in one's life just that some people tend to seek a shortcut while some chose to carry on with the journey


Failure is not a thing which should be used as excuse to stop the journey. There's always a reward for those who who failed but are not weighed down by it.

Scorum definitely has something to provide those people who have been around for some time and haven't given up. The reward may not be now but later

Quote of the day: Success is failure turned inside out

I don't know if this post makes sense at all

I drop my pen at this juncture