There are over 4000 coins in the market, so it's practically impossible to hold everything unless you have unlimited funds which isn't possible. Even the whales who predominantly control the market do not have unlimited funds to achieve such a feat

Your best bet or hope should be that whatever investment or coins you plunged your money into should turn out to be in your favour since the crypto world is not the film world that the outcome is always determined by the director. The outcome may not be something we always wanted, so the earlier you realize this, the lesser your worries, and the less you keep jumping from one project to the other looking for quick gains

In the real sense, those who are indeed reaping bountifully from Crypto aren't lousy or noise makers. You hardly even see them jumping around like a headless chicken chasing after the crowds. They are people who look for quality investments that were being sold at a huge discount, when those products were sitting at their all time lows and almost no one else wanted anything to do with them and nobody was talking about them

If you have also read how the richest and most famous investors in the world got to be so wealthy, it certainly wasn't by chasing after the crowds and following the latest rumors on the street

Always learn to follow your instincts and be ready to face the consequences of your decisions. It's your money your, your life, your decision, your risk and your investment, and it's also pertinent to know that being in control of your emotions is more important than the trading system.

Never let miserable or lousy people pull you into their world of FUD. They are always there to make you feel miserable for not following the crowd