Duck Norris, Source: (Bingo Players)

If that photo isn't freaky, then I don't know what freaky is!


Welcome to the story of Duck Norris, leader of The Wild Ones, a gang of ducks that every duck hunter or any aggressive person towards ducks should be aware of. The gang was founded in 2014 at a meeting held at the Lake Cameahwait, which lays just outside of the Boysen State Park in Wyoming. The meeting was organized by Duck Norris, as more and more duck hunters came to the State Park. Also, the ducks noticed an increased number of incidents in the park caused by aggressive humans, both, children or grown-ups.

The meeting at Lake Cameahwait

The goal of the meeting was that they would come up with a solution on how to stop these sort of situations, but more importantly, on how to stop these people from killing their beloved ones. Duck hunters have been around for many years, and even though it has always been tough to suddenly lose a friend or family member, most ducks were used to the fact that this happened from time to time. However, in the last year or so, before the meeting, the regularity of such situations increased, to the frustration of the ducks.

Funnily enough, the ducks understand the humans in this matter. They see why it is fun for them to shoot moving objects out of the air, and that it is more challenging to do that with a target that is alive, rather than clay pigeons, the more friendly version of duck hunting. The clay pigeon shooting is even an Olympic sport, better known as Trap shooting and Skeet shooting. They even understand the thrill of hunting and for shooting a rifle in general. When it comes to that, the ducks felt like they had been very tolerant towards the humans until now.

Sir Quackalot during his last flight (Shoot Outdoors)

Sir Quackalot

What changed the opinion was the death of one of the most loved ducks in the Boysen State Park area, Sir Quackalot. Every day of the week, with the exception of Sunday, Sir Quakalot would visit each and every duck in the area for some chit-quacking. Quite often he would only return to his nest around 11:30 pm, simply to start all over again in the morning. The order of visiting his compatriots changed every day. He had divided the area into six different parts so that every day he could start in another part. Sunday was his day off, and this was the perfect moment to give a small rest to his throat. Every Sunday he would fly around the lake on his own, sometimes even further, to visit his uncle in Denver, Colorado. His uncle was the only duck he would make an exception for and still quack with, even though it was Sunday.

On the 22nd of July this year, Sir Quackalot did what he always did, flying around the lake on Sunday morning. The photo pictured above shows Sir Quackalot during his flight. As you can see there is also a hunter targeting the duck. The photo is taken from the hunter's website on the internet. It was the last photo of the beloved duck in flight. Just seconds later the hunter would shoot Sir Quackalot out of the air. The hunter's dog then went searching for him and brought his prey to its owner. Sir Quackalot, would from now on only be quacking with the angels.

Sir Quackalot, shot and captured (Riverside Lodge MD)

The Wild Ones

Duck Norris was probably the best friend of Sir Quackalot and had a hard time getting over the loss of his friend, his daily quacking buddy. He thought it was time for a change, for payback time. Not necessarily to the hunter that killed Sir Quackalot, but in general, against everyone hunting ducks, or anyone who showed aggressiveness towards ducks. The meeting at Lake Cameahwait happened in the dark and was attended by Duck Norris, Quackie Chan, Duck Rogers, Quack Sparrow, and Moby Duck.

The main decision they agreed on during the meeting was that they would create a gang named The Wild Ones. The gang would aim to eliminate any human being that would react inappropriately towards ducks in general. Without needing to do anything specific yet, the gang instantly became famous amongst the ducks in the Boysen State Park area. There wasn't a single duck that did not know who The Wild Ones were, and almost everyone could name at least three of the members' names.

Quackie Chan and Quack Sparrow in flight (Birds Hunting)

First successes

Two months passed and with success. Fact is that the duck hunting in the park continued, but there was a decrease in the number of successes the hunters had. This was due to the efforts of The Wild Ones. Every time they spotted a duck hunter they aimed to get as close as possible, of course trying to stay unnoticed. They would then sneak up behind the hunter and his dog in case he had one with him. Once the situation was clear (no more loaded gun and the dog not paying attention) they would go in full attack with the five of them, biting the hunter and the dog wherever they could. Strangely enough, the duck hunters didn't give up after the first two times this happened to each of them. Stubborn as they were, they returned but were confronted with the same situation every time. After the third time, most hunters finally would not get back to the lake and its surroundings.

A hunter inside the lake (Mike Baird)

Duck Norris

Another drama occurred when Duck Norris' wife Daisy passed away. Let's be clear that her death was a natural one, but it did shock the community of course, and especially Duck Norris was hurt. Together they just had a child, and due to her death Duck Norris, had to take care of the child being the lone parent. This forced him to take a step back in his activities for the Wild Ones. Whenever the Wild Ones were not on duty chasing hunters they would chill out in the lake. In those situations Duck Norris would bring his son around and together they would then spend the days, until action was required.

The son of Duck Norris (Fine Art America)

Freaky Friday, September 28, 2018

This Friday didn't start off as a Freaky Friday in the first place. It was a calm morning in the park. The ducks were chilling all over the place, and so were the majority of the humans visiting the park that morning.

An older lady found her way to one of the benches on the edge of the lake. She had just been to the local supermarket and purchased two loaves of bread that she wanted to give to the ducks. This had become a weekly routine for the lady during the summer months. Now that the weather started to cool down, she started to worry as to how she would manage this during the winter months.

The lady feeding bread to the ducks (Bingo Players)

A group of young men aged 20-25 entered the park and they were clearly there to make some trouble. They looked for a confrontation with a couple, approaching the woman, and at the same time fighting the man when he wanted to protect his girlfriend from the guy approaching her. Shortly after, they forced a man on a bicycle to stop. When he was about to get off, they kicked him from his bike.

The next victim of the gang was the old lady feeding the ducks. She wasn't really paying attention to her belongings when she was sharing the bread with the ducks. When the young men walked by they noticed the purse of the lady on the bench. They showed no hesitation, they didn't even take the time to distract her attention, they just grabbed the purse and walked on. The lady started screaming towards them.

Duck Rogers heard the lady scream (Bingo Players)

Gang vs. Gang

The Wild Ones were nearby and it was Duck Rogers that noticed the scream of the lady first. He started quaking loudly to the men and bit one of them in their nose before flying back to the rest. The young men were aggressive towards the ducks, looking for a confrontation. They got what they wished for, also Moby Duck and Quack Sparrow joined in to attack the men. After each attack, they would fly back into the water to stay out of reach of the gang.

Duck Norris was also nearby, but he was with his son and stayed as far away from the action as possible. The attacks of the ducks on the men continued, and there was not much the men could to against it, as they would always fly back into the water. At some point, Duck Norris couldn't resist and started quacking loudly as well. One of the men noticed that and saw the duckling hiding behind Duck Norris as well. The man did not hesitate, grabbed a rock and threw it into the direction of Duck Norris and his son.

The gang in the confrontation with The Wild Ones (Bingo Players)

The rock hit the little duckling, who did not survive the hit. After being subject of the bits and hits of the ducks, this was what they were looking for to pay them back. They ran off back to their cars that were parked at the outside of the park. The Wild Ones tried to chase them down, inclusive Duck Norris who no longer needed to take care of his son. In fact, he was extremely determined to take his revenge on these men that killed his son.

The cars with the men inside Rawlins, Rock Springs and Evanston, Wyoming towards Utah. The Wild Ones lost track of them and were not sure where they had gone to. Evanston is not far away from Salt Lake City, and the least they could do was to go there and see what they could achieve.

Gathering in the Liberty Park in Salt Lake City (Bingo Players)


The Wild Ones gathered in the Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, Utah, still during daylight. They still had no idea if they were at the right place, or that they were completely wrong about the location. They decided to wait until it was dark and would then go on a manhunt to see if they could locate the gang that killed the son of Duck Norris.

As soon as it got dark they hit the roads in search for the gang. They went literally everywhere and checked out each and every corner, house, restaurant and whatever else they came across. It seemed like they might have gotten it wrong, as they weren't able to find any one of the gang members within the first two hours they were actively searching for them.

The Wild Ones on a manhunt (Bingo Players)
The Wild Ones on a manhunt (Bingo Players)
Duck Norris looking on... (Bingo Players)
Shadow of Duck Norris (Bingo Players)


There they were...

Duck Norris vs. two gang members (Bingo Players)

Duck Norris vs. Gang Members #1 and #2

Two of the gang members were just chilling in the streets of their neighborhood when Duck Norris noticed them. He chose a centralized position in the street, stood still and turned around facing them.

The young men saw the duck looking at them, and they instantly understood what was going on. One of the ducks from the park followed them and found them. They looked in each other's eyes, thinking about an abbreviation of three words of which the first one starts with a "W" and which is often accompanied with a question mark afterward.

Duck Norris face to face with the gang members (Bingo Players)
The gang members facing each other, realizing what going to come (Bingo Players)

Before they realized it Duck Norris went into the attack, jumping straight at the white-skinned guy first, biting him in his nose and sticking his beak deep into his throat to finish him off. He then jumped onto the dark-skinned guy, grabbing him there, where no man wants to be grabbed, at least not by an aggressive duck. The man was screaming it out until his dead body couldn't respond anymore. Duck Norris left them behind searching for the rest of the gang.

Duck Norris attacking the first gang member (Bingo Players)
Two gang members eliminated (Bingo Players)

Where are the others?

Quack Sparrow had just found out where the last three gang members were hanging out. These were still unaware of what had just happened to their partners in crime.

Two of them were chilling at a bench a bit further up in the city, whereas the other one was spending some time in his car nearby. The gang leader was one of the two sitting on the bench. He was on the phone with his girlfriend at the time of Duck Norris' confrontation. The other one wanted to use his phone and check the internet for a bit until he realized he could not find his phone.

When he looked at the other side of the street he saw Duck Norris standing there with his mobile phone in his beak. This gang member was also surprised by what he saw but wasn't as scared of the whole situation as the other two were. Too bad for him, because Duck Norris and Moby Duck were fully prepared for this confrontation.

The gang member spots his telephone on the other side of the street (Bingo Players)
Duck Norris with the phone of the gang member (Bingo Players)

Two more down the drain

The moment the gang member saw his phone in a duck's beak, he instantly went for it. Slowly, in an aim not to scare Duck Norris away, but still, he went straight for it, totally underestimating the intelligence of these birds.

Step by step the guy came closer to Duck Norris. It is believed that he was planning to jump at the duck from a certain point in the aim to get his phone back. Once he was halfway, however, he was run over by a car he didn't see coming. The car did indeed come out of nothing and belonged to the other gang member that was spending some time in his car as described above.

Shortly after the deadly incident the door of the car opened. The fourth gang member fell out of the car, dead as well. His death was presented to you by Moby Duck who jumped out of the car quickly after.

Gang member #3 being run over by a car, Duck Norris on the opposite side (Bingo Players)
A dead gang member #4 with Moby Duck (Bingo Players)

Four dead, one to go

At this stage, the only gang member left was the leader. As soon as he saw gang members #3 and #4 dead in front of him, he started running, very far, very fast. What he didn't realize is that it didn't help. The flying ducks were faster and they were going to strike hard, in particular, that job was for Duck Norris.

The moment the last gang member stopped running he was heavily breathing. It was the sign that he couldn't go further anymore. Within a few seconds, Duck Norris landed in front of him and looked him in the eye. A direct confrontation between the two gang leaders. If you have seen the freaky opening photo of this post, then you know where this is going to.

Duck Norris flew straight at him and took his heart out, his revenge was complete.

The gang member after his long run facing Duck Norris (Bingo Players)
Duck Norris attacking the gang member (Bingo Players)
and the winner is, Duck Norris! (Bingo Players)

This article was inspired by a video clip by the Bingo Players. The idea behind this plot came from a photo placed by @pete on his Freaky Friday competition about duck hunting. Let me be clear that this post is not an aim to stop duck hunting, or hunting in general. It is just used to experience the sport from an animal's point of view.

Let me know what you think of it, and of course, thank you for reading.