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By Steven J. Weber - This Image was released by the United States Navy

In life, difficulties are inevitable and sacrifices are essential..


Tino: Hey babe

Tina: Don't you babe me, don't even dare!

Tino: Come on Tee, what's gotten over you?

Tina: You ask like you don't know? Where are you now?

Tino: (Sensing she is about crying) Well, uhm, I ....

Tina: (in tears) You know what? Just leave me be!

Tino: Wait, listen Ti.., (Call disconnected) Tee! Hello, Tee!

That was Tina my girlfriend, and the other was me the workaholic, spending almost the whole day everyday, working my heart and soul out with little time for myself, my family or loved ones..

It was Tina's congratulations party, she was admitted at the institute of her choice, the family threw a congratulatory party for her, she pleaded I try to attend and make up for missing her birthday party. I promised to try and attend only to call for another excuse that day. Yeah, I was that bad and cruel of a lover, I only perform my loving duties on phone calls, text messages and sent gifts.

You might be thinking I was a heartless human, but it wasn't entirely my fault. I was actually labouring that much for my family and most especially for Tina, I and Tina has been in a relationship for 8 months, I had great plans for the both of us and I just can't wait to fulfill them. On each occasion Tina was celebrating a party, I tried to excuse myself from work, it just wasn't possible. I am the managing director of an upcoming firm, a job I got after much efforts, the firm is struggling to be one of the best in town, there were strong competitions from other firms for an ongoing event that will earn the winning firm a lot of fortune, popularity and legendary status and we were getting closer to becoming the best. It just wasn't a work I will abandon and travel for parties, albeit very important parties, I needed to finalize our plans and go on vacation with Tina, that was my other plan.

After Tina disconnected that call, I felt so bad, I couldn't sleep, I knew I hurt her much and there is no explanation that will cover up my unintentional wrongdoings. I had to accept my fate that night and think of a solution. I texted Tina, promising to visit her soon, I further requested she break up with me if I don't visit soon, while texting, I came up with a plan. The next day, I called the firm owner and told him I will be going on a weekend vacation, he reprimanded me and reminded me of what is at stake, I insisted on going for the vacation, I was prepared to lose the job, I did rather lose the job than lose Tina. I told him of my actual plan, I might be leaving the work behind but in the hands of someone able. The days prior to my weekend vacation were the most stressful, I had to teach my temporary replacement the works to be done and after work, I will sit back and prepare tomorrow's tutorials including the competition duties. It was quite hectic, but I did them joyfully while looking at Tina's picture situated just in front of me at the edge of my table.


(Door bell rings)

Tina opens the door and found me standing right in front of the door, after looking at ourselves for about 30 seconds, she managed to smile as she turned away. I shut the door behind me and followed her, I held her hand as we sat together, I couldn't ask how she was feeling for I would be too stupid to ask that, I wasted no time in unveiling my reason for coming. I told her I've got a surprise for her, she looked at me and chuckled, which other surprise would be greater than seeing you here today, she responded. I went back outside to the car and brought out the present I got for her, a surfboard, and came back inside, immediately Tina saw the surfboard, she beamed with smile. Tina loved surfing so very much, her father normally takes her to the beach when she was little and watch her surf through the waves, we once went surfing on our own and the kinda happiness Tina was entangled in that day was indelible.

We got into the car and drove off, we arrived at my planned destination and highlighted from the car. before I could turn to Tina, she has set the surfboard she was holding throughout the journey on the hot sand, did the necessary arrangements on her feet and voom, she surfed down the desert hill as I watched in perplexity and amusement. I haven't seen Tina in months, there would be no better moment than watching her do what she loves and knows to do best with inexplicable joy, it was one of the happiest day of her life.