Sometimes in life, we tend to look down on people, simply because they are lacking in one or more aspects of life, forgetting that "nobody knows everything but everybody knows something".

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It was my first day at Harvard, I stepped into the student's hall pressing my books on my abdomen with my palms crossed. I noticed all eyes were on me as I immediately faced down and walked sheepishly to my locker. As I walked by, I heard some students say "is he not the new student?", Some,,,"See how ashamed he is"... Some,," Harvard is in for a tough session, seems we are beginning to harbor dummies".

Those were the few statements I could hear but without doubt, there were enough utterances because "all eyes were on me".


I got into Harvard through scholarship, it was one of the best thing that has happened to me and my family. I come from a family of four and as the first child, I was fortunate enough to be the first child in our family to grab every genius Gene of our father. I was the most brilliant student in my school, brilliant beyond my age. I won everything there is to win related to school quiz or competitions and as such, was thought to be worthy of schooling at one of the best institution in the world.

My school went as far as helping me apply for a scholarship at Harvard University and gave me all the support I needed. Luckily, I passed every test involved and was admitted.


On that fateful day, I bit my lips hard while opening my locker, I seriously do not blame the students looking down on me because of my shameful appearance and exhibition, just as I took after my father in intelligence, I also took after his timidity. All my life, I have disliked being the centre of attraction, as I can't bare much people looking at me, or expecting me to do or say something, not to mention, new faces, new surrounding, new beginning. It was really worrisome.

After the encounter with the students, the next thing virtually everybody did was to search for my profile. They all saw my flawless profile and look forward to seeing my contribution in classes.

As a fresher, every tests and examinations that came by in class was won and passed by me. I awed the lecturers, I wowed the authorities in charge of the crowdinstitution but unfortunately, I fumed most of the students, my rise to the top in just few months was totally unexpected as they took me for a weak human from the beginning.


Then came the week of sports,, every student in campus was to participate in at least, two of all the sport events. The Head Teacher of my department called every one of us together and called out each name and the events we are to participate in according to our profiles. I was selected for Volleyball and Underwater hockey. Volleyball probably because I was tall and Underwater hockey because swimming was included as hobby in my biography.

The sporting events started, little did I know, just like the Lecturers sit to discuss my rare intelligence, the students also sat to discuss my fall from glory. The first tournament I engaged in was Volleyball, I totally flopped, I was purely targeted and my inexperience in the sport was laid bare. I was jeered at by some section of the crowd and it definitely wasn't a nice encounter.

The day went by and the students that hated me felt like it was their best day on earth, at least they have seen me flop at something and it was a shameful one at that. They made mockery of me at any given opportunity, I was the topic of the day, but this time around, for the wrong reasons. I needed the help of the lecturers to get them off my tail and save my day from getting any worst, I managed to put myself together and retire for the night.

The next day being Friday was the last day of the events and the day of Underwater hockey, I woke up, said my morning prayers and asked for Grace. I set out towards the location of the sporting events, on my arrivals, due to the strict warnings from the authorities, I was able to get just close scuffing. I ignored each and every one of them and headed to the preparation room. On getting there, my opponents were suited up already, I saw the look in their eyes and there were one of those confident looks of another inevitable flop from me.. I suited up and we were all briefed on the rules and dived in for the game. It was ruled to be a game of 15mins, the buzzer sound was heard and the game began, unknown to my enemies and our opponents,, my teammates and I set out with the gamr plans we organized last night. After 10mins, we were way above our opponents in points, they were stunned with my skills underwater, it has never been seen. Little did they know I wine and dine with sharks underwater.

Underwater hockey from

They thought of means to take me down and the least they could come up with was tricky fouls as the one in the picture below, they pushed me, pressed me hard with their sticks in a tricky way and injured me, all these were done to get me angry and retaliate, I kept my cool and saw to it my enemies were put to shame. We ended up winning the tournament but my crew insisted every glory should be accorded to me. I went for treatment and the boys involved in getting me injured were to be expelled, from my treatment room I pleaded for their pardon as they promised to change their attitude towards me.. After the event, I made more friends and got more popular than before as my name and deeds spread across the institution and beyond..

First, I was looked down for being a shy person, and I replied with my unrivalled intelligence in class, next I was mocked for being terribly bad at Volleyball and I did my talking underwater.

Come what may, never look down on anybody.