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Novak Djokovic has really made the world of tennis interesting to viewers and supporters of the sport. The 31 years old Serb turned a professional tennis player in back 2003 at the age of 16 and since then he's been toiling day and night to top the ranking table some day. Those day and night training weren't in vain as he was ranked the best player back in July 2011 with the highest points. The Serbian pro tennis player won his first ATP titles back in 2006, at the Dutch open in Amersfoort. It was a final against Nicolás Massú where he was victorious.


Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Andy Murray have been top rivals to Novak's success story. The above mentioned players where considered the "BIG 4", for their tremendous dominance in the game, winning major tournaments and ranking the top of the tennis world since the early 2000's. The Big 4 first saw Nadal and Federer in dominance, then Murray and Djokovic joined the queue later on. This quartet of men have dramatically exerted dominating influence on on series including the Grand Slam tournaments, ATP Masters 1000 events, as well as the ATP Finals, the ATP World Tour 500 series and so on. The quartet of men were later referred to as the "BIG 3", following the little or no contribution of Andy Murray. Some say he won just two grand slam and has no place in the list but critically analysing the case, you'll find out he was just unfortunate to clinch the title. The Runner up stage seems to be a better place and suitable ending point for him In the Grand Slam. It was in 2005 that Murray embarked on his Grand Slam journey and has reached the finals more than any other players that started the same time with him, Djokovic exceptional. His Winning percentage and total performance clocked higher than those players who couldn't make the top 4 with a wide margin of about 12%. So from my point though, Murray deserves to be among the quartet of men.

However, this didn't stop the Rivalry between them.

Roger - 47 times in both Clay, hard and grass courts. Winning 25/47, leaving the 37 years old with 22 wins. This rivalry seems to be the bitter sweet one amongst all.

Murray - Both have been pals since their youthful age and went to the San training camp together. At almost the same age, Andy gave Novak some weeks and he also won their first ever matched as teens. This rivalry looks fascinating with Djokovic defiling Murray's 12-0 winning streak in the Shanghai masters event in 2011. The match was voted the world tour match of the year in 2011. It was a battle for the fittest and a game of age graders. Novak's tender bones and swinging really pulled the plug off his brotherhood rival. With 39 games played, the Serb gave a 25-11 lead but never won his camp brother on grass. Murray really is the king of grass.

Rafael - This rivalry should be listed among the top five in the tennis world. 52 games played went in favour of Novak leading 27-25. The Serb has always been a pest in the flesh of the 2008 Beijing Olympic winner(single). Can't really say for sure, but Djokovic is a better player for me.


Way back in August, the 19 year old Greek pro tennis player knocked off the current top ranking player fro the Rogers Cup in Toronto. I was bemused when I read about Novak's defeat in the third round by Tsitsipas.

21 year old German player "Zverev Alexander" added salt to the injury, winning the ATP finals title as well as denying the Serb a record of equal mark of six titles with Roger Federer. The youthful hands are gradually taking the tennis world into their abode. Is hope really left for the old lads?


Winning 14 Grand Slam singles, 72 career titles, 5 tour finals, a bronze medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic, Top ranking player(Number 1 since 5th of November) and lots more. He currently holds the record of the only player to win all 9 Masters singles titles and became first player to complete Career Golden Masters. That's what best in the world does. #bring_your_challenger.

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