Volleyball, World Cup: Serbia-Italy 3-1

In the semi-final now we have China

Against Serbia we lost 3-1: first defeat after 10 consecutive victories for the girls of Mazzanti, who spared only Sylla giving space to Pietrini. After two colorless sets, Italy wakes up dragged by Egonu, but Serbia is more continuous and has an unstoppable hammer in Boskovic. Azzurre second gironcino, Friday in the semifinals will have China, which beats the Netherlands 3-1

Serbia-Italy 3-1 (25-21, 25-19, 23-25, 25-23)

After 10 consecutive victories Italy lost against Serbia champion of Europe in a match that had a relative value, but that anyway the Serbians deserved to win for the greater continuity, but the blue ones have tried until the end of the fourth set . Italy can not stay still. And Mazzanti "blocks" only Myriam Sylla, just to preserve it a bit 'in view of the games that count on the road that leads to the medals. All the others ask the blue coach to play, both the senators and the younger ones. So it happens that Italy takes the field with only one variation in the sextet, Elena Pietrini in place of Sylla. Italy immediately starts well, on the other side of the Terzic network, the Serbian coach leaves no one to rest and pushes to bring home a victory that on paper he must remove (theoretically) from a semi-final against China (replica of Olympic final, as Asian and Netherlands play the second game). It is a test of muscle between Boskovic and Egonu, in which the Serbian (also with the collaboration of the European champion team) prevails.

SECOND BLACK - After the victory in the first set the Serbs do not give up and insist. Italy is in trouble even in distrubution, beyond cge in reception and for the blue there is nothing to do. Mazzanti took the opportunity to give a little 'breath to his by also entering the bench. Serbia without difficulty closes the score on 2-0. But Italy does not give up even now that the race has not much to offer and all 2 teams are qualified for the semi-finals. In the third set blue with head held high even in the grit of Elena Pietrini that in full arm. Italy believes it and turns 19-14 thanks also to an impressive series of walls: 19-14! With yet another bomb of Egonu Italy reopens the game. Italy now believes in it and also takes a break of advantage (16-14), but Serbia knows how to take advantage of the blue distractions and returns to the advantage (18-20). And despite the final comeback, Serbia closes with Boskovic. in the other game, China Olympic champion bends the Netherlands 3-1 (23-25, 25-13, 25-18, 25-17) with 19 points of Zhu