In game that appeared to be over, with no goals scored by either team, Tigres scored a goal in the final seconds to win the game by a score 1-0. I did not bet a lot of tokens but I did gamble a large percentage of my liquid Scorum Coins, seeing this miracle finish was nice to see.

bet 92.25 SCR to win 74.99

I bet this team simply to grab a bit of action, while supporting the betting exchange since it has been quiet for the majority of today.


There is next to no liquidity in the betting exchange, this is to be expected being as it is a brand new P2P betting exchange that only has one sport to choose from. Over time we will see betting volume increase and all will be good.

Room for improvement

As I mentioned previously, it would be fantastic to see a page for unmatched bets be made available. This would save us from having to click through matches trying to find an available bet. Going back to the liquidity problem, this would actually act as a supplement to help eliminate that problem. Some bettors just want to find some action and bet-creators want their bets to be matched as fast as possible, everyone would benefit from this feature.

Overall opinion

I'm a fan of the betting exchange, it really is a great addition to the Scorum community. Since the release we have already seen a 50% rise in the value of SCR. Even for users that don't care to gamble, seeing has increased the level of trust they have in Scorum. It's easy to see the potential that the Scorum ecosystem possesses, will be interesting to see the result once everything is released.

The only negative is the fact I may have lost 5 Scorum Coins, not a big deal but this is not good to see. I had bet 5 SCR on four matches earlier, a total of 20 tokens. 2 games started at 8pm eastern time and the other two at 10pm eastern time. It was the 8pm eastern time games that were the problem.

I was down to 82 token in my balance and the two matched I had placed wagers on at 8pm eastern time had disappeared. A few minutes after the matches started I received 5 tokens returned to me bumping my balance up to 87 and this verified my confusion, something indeed did go wrong. I will be keeping an eye on my bets going forward, taking screenshots of each bet.

Another interesting encounter was when my token balance went from 87 down to 77 then back up to 87 when I reloaded the page. For a split second I was wondering what what was going on.

Overall everything is good, hopefully that does not change.