Another hard landing in slippery January for Betman in the previous tip. Pensioner couldn’t win a single set, despite Djoković gave him all the chances in the World. Unfortunately for Betman, Mother Nature is doing her job very efficiently…

Yes, the first set was his best chance, while he still had some strength, and Djoković lend him a hand… gave him three break points at 2:4, gave him 0:30 at 3:5, and also gave him a serve for the set at 4:5. Grandpa couldn’t convert anything…

Jan 30th, 09:30 CET: Djoković vs. Federer 4+ sets @1.90 ❌ 3:0

OK, Betman will use the hole in his wallet to watch the other semi-final match through it. As expected, you won’t be seeing it at BetScorum through the hole or any other way.

Source: ATP tour

So, in the second Semi we have a German with Russian name, and Austrian with French name. Hey! Where’s Spaniard? Woman’s finale? No, that’s Garbine Muguruza, I meant El Toro from Mallorca. Already home? Did journalists pick on him again? Sorry, I had already prepared template for the finals, and now I have to write all over again… Blame it on Thiem. Looks like he caught on fire in Australia… excuse the really bad pun.

Source: ATP tour

Who is a favorite here? Easy. Thiem. Why. He. Has… Oh, sorry… He has 6:2 head2head, he can run all day long and return balls like Jelena Janković, longer the match he likes it more. Just ask the Spaniard. Must be using some very strong dope. He even has 4:1 with Djoković in the last five matches! Beaten him twice at Rolan Garros! And some pumpkinhead put the odds at 1.51 on him at 1xBet! Betman will take it, thank you!


I bet you will ask about Zverev’s chances, right?

Yes, Betman, does Zverev stand any chance?

Of course not. He knows that. Look, he is a serving type who fired all the ammunition against Warwarinka. How many times can you count on a perfect serve in a row? Come on! Except that, he knows he won’t get the title judging by his big promise to donate “every single cent” of his prize money to bushfire relief if he takes the title, which is more than AU$4 million. Hey, it’s a great way to secure a crowd support without giving them anything! Great idea! Those guys from the Scorum Loyalty Program (not only) for tipsters should employ him as soon as he goes Federer.


Oh, the tip. Let’s not forget the tip:

Jan 31th, 09:30 CET: Thiem D. vs. Zverev A. 1 @1.51

Let’s hope SCR will follow if this tip falls

Don’t sleep over this one!