Did you see those Chelsea schmucks, yesterday at BetScorum? And you thought that Betman is conspiracy theorist? You thought it was just Betman‘s way to make his post funny? What do you say now? Are we going to drive Chelsea out of the Premiership? Can‘t wait their next game…

Betman will quickly remind you at the highlights of his brilliant analysis that ends with a predictable disaster:

“Chelsea has an intelligence service who always checks Betman’s stake at their games. Then they simply shot Betman down with a deliberate counter-result.”

You see? That‘s a given truth, and not some conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory would be that Bill Clinton has given the order for Jeffrey Epstein‘s “suicide” while he was under 24/7 jail watch in a high security cell… OK, Betman did‘t make a good example. But you do understand what Betman is trying to say. Yes, Chelsea has an intelligence service that follows Betman‘s tips all over the Internet!

And then you have correct result:

“…by the Betman’s “Chelsea Spite” principle, this game should finish 2:1 or 3:0 for ManUTD.”

They lost 4:0 just to spite Betman and destroy his perfectly logical explanation of all the elements of this bet. If you have watch the game, you could spot the moment when they have find out that Betman staked on them! Now, Betman is sorry if there are some of you who actually follow his tip instead of his reasoning. Are there any of you who did it?

Come on, don‘t be such a cry baby. You will have your chance to get it back! Here, let me tell you… Betty is still knocked out cold. Here are Betman‘s odds, so you can get your SCR back with some interest:

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