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BTTF4 Bug (Not Funny at All)
Do you remember Gray’s Sports Almanac from the movie “Back To The Future II”? Well, BetScorum has improved version… and it’s not funny at all! Whenever Betman thinks that atrocious game scheduling at BetScorum cannot get any worse, the platform refutes him — yes, it can! Look at this and tell your Betman what is wrong with those pictures: At the first one, you can see the match Tolima vs. Junior “scheduled” for the Feb. 22nd, 1:30 am, with odds at your disposal. But when you click at the match link… …you will see that it was already over — Junior won, and today it is Feb. 21st! Don’t ask why the winning odds are not at your disposal, because someone already took them AFTER the game was over! Bet(a)man set the odds for this match and lost 7.25 SCR in total. Now, just imagine some big investors ready to put hundreds or thousands of SCR into odds setting! They would be “delighted” to see their valuable investment go into smoke by a BetScorum bug or someone else’s mistake. Yes, there is a disclaimer: “ScorumBet relies on third party ‘live’ feeds for event data such as elapsed time, current score and much more. In some cases, this information may be delayed or inaccurate. If you place bets while relying on this data, you take full responsibility for your own risk in doing so. ScorumBet is not liable in any way for any differences between data displayed here and the final settlement of a bet.” …but would it be a consolation to you if you were that big investor? This makes BetScorum highly insecure platform, that is not advisable for investments. Beta betting by Betman — and Betman out!

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