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Betting: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
Recently, the long awaited Scorum bet platform was launched, the joy on Scorum was inexplicable. Many had anticipated it strongly from the very day they got the knowledge of it. Finally, it was launched and the expected and inevitable followed. This is an article put down for the weekly sport contests organized by Liuke96player. This contest goes a long way in educating, motivating, inspiring and publicizing one. I have gained a vast amount of knowledge about sports just by engaging in this contest, you too can do the same by checking the link below.. For this week's contest, which is about betting, I will be putting down the good, bad and ugly effects of betting. BETTING.. Betting is the process or activity of predicting the possible outcome of a happening and staking a sum on it. Through it, one can be great, less great or never great to the point of becoming the opposite of greatness. it all boils down to choice.. BETTING: THE GOOD... Betting is without doubt a life changing activity. It has taken many from grass to grace, it has major positive effects on not just ordinary humans but also the government of a particular place. Not too long ago, I needed money for a particular project, there was much pressure on me, coupled with other expenses, it was impossible for me to handle every situation financially perfect and time was running out. The thought of betting my way out popped up, I spent much of the 24hours a day analysing picks, from one prediction site to another, coupled with an advice from Constanza on the SBC discord channel, I arrived at the special 2 odds I was more sure of and staked a risky amount on it. Knowing it is all about risk and luck, and I spent much time on analysing the teams involved, I prayed and hoped it favoured me and finally, I killed two birds with one stone. This is the advantageous power of betting. BETTING: THE BAD Whatever in life that has an advantage, has a disadvantage, same goes with betting. Betting can enrich you and at the same time, impoverish you. The addiction of betting is one of the disadvantages of the activity. In betting, losses are inevitable bar fixed games and after a century number of stakes, there is every possibility you must have lost more than you have staked. People lose very important money to betting daily, they keep throwing in the money and accumulating losses despite being dearth of what is expected from a bettor that wants to cash out most times. The silly addiction is strictly based on luck and little knowledge about the teams involved, they go with the impression that they might get lucky someday and be on the winning side. Although, sometimes they truly get lucky, with little work put into analysis, the probability of losing far outweigh the possibilities of winning.. BETTING: THE UGLY.. The ugly side of betting is simply condescending. The process of staking your entire life savings on games you think will earn you a life fortune, only to find yourself crashing on the ground beyond medical attention. I have seen people sell their assets for betting and ended up penniless and devastated. Betting has the ability of rendering people's life time hard work useless, it can take someone all the way from grace to grass if care is not taken. However, if you want to earn more than you lose in betting, there is much work to be done. From putting down analysis of past games, statistics, forms, team news, head to head and the rest. The list of the needful goes on and on and demands the most important aspect of your life, TIME. THANKS FOR READING... Note: All images are Google sourced.

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