I'm not the brightest when it comes to Enjin, and the multitude of minted items that are out there. I'm a game player, and investor, and a collector. Mostly a player and the plethora of blockchain games erupting into the market lately has forced me to learn about items how these items work. Enjin seems a little unique in this aspect due to this minting of items and its cost in Enjin. I play some games that are straight-up Ethereum or Tron games. Buy, earn, or sell an item and it is Ethereum and its gas fees. Seems simple. Enjin made this process different and maybe even unique.

My first run-in came from a qr code that evidently I needed a special wallet to view. After getting the Enjin wallet, one of the best I might add, I found an item in my collectibles I had no idea what to do with. The only thing I saw, being the greedy gamer I am, was the Enjin value. Melt away I did. Nope, now I needed Ethereum to melt the item, it wasn't much but the fact I wasn't expecting it bummed me out. Must be good stuff if it was going to cost me Enjin and Ethereum to melt, right? After sending over some Ethereum my item was melted.

Was I Rich Now?

Spoils of my Meltdown

Well it was 10 Enjin, about $0.35, factor in $0.05 of fees and a got $0.30 of Enjin. Seemed like a lot of trouble to me. However I kept on finding new stuff and opportunities For Enjin items. For me, melting was done for now, maybe if I found something of real Enjin value it would be different; or being the gamer would I save it instead?

Now I have quite a few collectibles. Most are of the 1 ENJ value with 50% melting fees. Really? AND an ETH fee if melted? Not even worth my consideration for melting, they will be kept or traded for something more valuable. To me the low ENJ value and high melting fees makes them more valuable in-game. Maybe this is a motivation for high melting fees; to make the items stay items. Some games have invested millions in minting items for their games. Others have used pre-sales of minted items to support the creation of their games. Most of these items seem to have low ENJ melt value.

In these cases it seems most items would give back very little to the creator in terms of Enjin value. High melting fees do not seem to do anything except make them unmeltable (a new term?). The only way I would pay a high melting fee is if the item was of considerable value to me in the dollar sense. This is, after all, what I need to continue playing and to continue playing in the cheapest way possible so I can play more. The more value I have, the more I will invest in games and in-game items for those games.

Melting items has only made me have a meltdown I don't really need. Make gaming simple and more people will play. Put too much value on items, melting, etc, and more people will be out for the intrinsic value of those items instead of the value of the game itself.