I made a post with an introduction to the Clash Of Streamers Mobile Game a few days ago. I'm following it up with my overall impression of the beta so far along with more details what this game will be about...

Gameplay and Game Mechanics

Clash Of Streamer at its core is similar to Steemmonsters from what I have seen of that. You have an army of cards (streamers) who have different classes, skills, levels, stars which make up how strong they are. There are ways to get more streamers and if you are lucky to get your hands on rare ones. They can be combined to make them more powerful or leveled up and it will be possible to export them to the blockchain, auction them off or rent them out to others. The more you progress the higher leagues you can get into increasing the rewards.

The game is made to be somewhat of a constant dopamine rush and make you feel like you are winning all the time. It also fully taps into what is popular and what generates the most revenue. Mobile is the way to go these days and money mostly comes from people that want a smooth game experience without having to think too much. Nearly all popular top grossing mobile apps and games are integrated into Clash Of Streamers.

  • Match-3 Pets (Candy Crush Saga)
  • Geopets Go (Pokemon Go
  • Hot Stories (Tinder- Slots)
  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • ...

All the game mechanics and tricks of popular games are also in the game. loot boxes, Daily Quests, Gems, Discounts, Daily Rewards, crazy multipliers, Sharing video replays on social media. Everything also seems to be quite balanced so far.


There are around 30 different towers in the game and these get introduced one by one during the tutorial. Most of the time these type of games can be quite overwhelming. I remember testing out the game idle heroes a long time ago and I was already lost early on. The Clash of Streamers tutorial never feels like many of the boring tutorials out there but pretty much gives you rewards all the time while introducing all the aspects of the game. It took around 2-3 hours and I did it all in 1 go. Afterward, I understood roughly the basics and I learn a bit more each time I play.

Gambling Rush

The game very much taps into a gambling rush and simplifies all the games and allows them to go in automation by keeping the play button pressed in for 3 seconds. Everything also works with multipliers that can go extremely high. These multipliers also feel like hitting very regularly. The entire game is pretty much one big gambling rush and it can be quite addictive.

In Game Currencies

The game works with a lot of different currencies/loot boxes/rewards. The gems are the main resource, you can't just spend everything since there are regular deals that become available each day that you can buy with them. There are various casino chips that can be used to play in the casino games, VIP tickets for the main slot game, 3 different levels of Scrolls that can be opened to get new streamers (also working with multipliers), Krypton that will be used for Auction. The real cryptocurrency DUBI and PRPS are also part of the game as a payment gateway.

Events and Discounts

The game is full of daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal events and discounts. While it gives away a lot of free stuff every day to help progression, the actual streamers needed to make a strong team are really rare. To get those for free you will need to grind it out every day or just get lucky. Since it will be possible to export streamers to the blockchain and sell or even rent them, it might make the game worth the time for those who are just interested in that. Knowing how people throw money at these mobile games I'm quite sure they will earn quite some money with it all.

Twitch Integration

It will be possible to watch your favorite twitch streamer or even youtube while playing the game. the ones streaming the game will also be able to earn money as they can upload their own face to the game and have special skins that can be unlocked by viewers that donate or subscribe. The game will be linked to their twitch donation platform gamingforgood.com

Beta & Bugs

Right now the game is not optimized yet and crashes on a regular basis. The opening screen also shows a slot machine that gives some free loot every time you restart the game so it hasn't really ruined my overall experience all that much even though it is annoying. The poker game also seems to be stuck for me.

Overall Verdict

There are way more aspects about this game compared to what I was able to get into this post. I usually don't play these games and the only reasons I tested it was because I'm have followed Athene for many years and I have some of my crypto investments in PRPS & DUBI crypto the game will work with (the only crypto that held up in my portfolio during the bear market). I'll probably play it at the start when it's released hoping to get some rare streamers to sell them in the auction house or get them on the blockchain and loan them out. I already know this game will be a tempting "time-waster" but I won't allow myself to get sucked into it. For those who want it's still possible to get beta access progression won't be transferred when the game is released but you will get a lot of the stuff you grinded from what I've heard. more info on the beta here (money goes to charity)

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