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Welcome to Loki Doki's Journeyman 2019. (Introduction / Explanation Post)

This is Episode #1

(Loki Doki)

As explained in the introduction post, "The Journeyman" is the storyline of a savegame created by Youtuber/Twitcher Loki Doki in the game Football Manager 2019.

Loki Doki starts off as a completely unknown manager in the football world, assigning the lowest possible skills the game has to offer. He starts jobless and has 74 leagues loaded.

The first thing to do is to apply for available jobs. With 74 leagues loaded, a lot of teams will be without a manager. Job applications were sent to a number of teams from pretty much every country available. After a while, four clubs showed interest in offering Loki Doki a contract as a manager.

FC Elva

This is a club from Estonia, playing in the Esiliiga, which is the second level in the Estonian football pyramid. The club was founded in 2000 and has been a so-called yo-yo team ever since. They relegated from the Esiliiga twice to the third level and once even to the fourth level. They promoted back straight after for two years in a row and currently seem to be a safe Esiliiga team.

KF Egnatia Rrogozhinë

Egnatia is an Albanian club who have been performing in the Albanian Superliga in the past. Currently, they are in the First Division (second level). Rrogozhinë is the city where they are located. They have a stadium with a capacity of 4000 and they seem to have some sort of a link with Nigeria, as five players in their squad are from that country.

FK Kit-Go Pehčevo

Kit-Go is a relatively new team from the FYR Macedonia, they were founded only in 2015. Last season they were playing in the Third League of Macedonian football. This year they play in the Macedonian Second League as they became champions in their division last season.

FC Gandzasar Kapan

Gandzasar is a club from Armenia and by far the biggest club out of the four that showed interest. They are one of the top teams in the Armenian High League, finishing third last season and winning the cup. This means that if Loki Doki would choose for that team, they would have the opportunity to play in the Europa League qualification rounds.

At that moment Loki Doki had more than 2000 viewers on his Twitch stream. He really likes to interact with his viewers and asked his girlfriend, who often joins him in his videos and streams to set up a poll, allowing the community to vote which of these teams would need to be chosen.

An overwhelming percentage of the viewers voted for Gandzasar Kapan. The main reasons given were the fact that they would perform in the Europa League, as well as the financial options the club offered. Last but not least, the logo of the club, a bear on a football made many people decide to choose for Gandzasar.

Football Manager

Yerevan and Kapan

Gandzasar Kapan is, as the name explains from Kapan, a city 300 km away from the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. As you can see on the screenshot below, the team is playing their matches on the Armenian Football Academy Grass. This is indeed the situation in reality as well, at least temporary. Gandzasar's stadium, "Kapan City Stadium" is currently closed due to a renovation. The capacity of the Kapan City Stadium is 3.500, in comparison to the 1.428 of the Football Academy Grass.

In the next episode, we will go through the pre-season, potential signings and perhaps already some matches. Stay tuned!

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