This theme just made me reflect on my introductory post on scorum it reads “Every single person while growing up, has engaged in one or more sporting activities and majority till this present day either activity or passively”. Am a pervert when it comes to gaming and sports in general. I celebrated my birthday this November playing games all day, that shows the extent to how much I value gaming. I am fond of anything competitive and challenging I think I got the drive from playing games. Sometimes I imagined life without games (videos games), trust me you don’t want to think about that. You could wonder how the kids born during the stone age, coped without video games, but one thing is certain they did play games, though our current generation is blessed with high definition games.

My age Long game story.

I was born in the 90’s so I was opportune to be part of the super Mario generation. before the invention of our todays beautiful and high graphics games we had this mind blowing platform game, and if you didn’t have the opportunity to play this game you really missed a fortune. At first it was kind of unfortunate for me because I didn’t have my personal super Mario game, so I always play at our neighbor’s house. But it wouldn’t be too long before I finally got my own game, giving to me by my dad as a birthday present. It felt like heaven on earth. Now I have my game, the next thing was waiting for weekend to come which always seemed like waiting for eternity and when its weekend I wine and dine with the game and most times you play all day and you forgot you haven’t taken lunch.

I think I should let you know this little secret, I still have the super Mario game, lol. I know it sounds wield though but is the truth, after the one dad bought for me I have bought up to five myself, the heavy usage always damages the game before you know it.

What is special about the super Mario

It was not until recent time I got to know the manufacturer, the genre and every other necessary information about my long loved game. They are many features in the game that would make you love it at first glance. The pictures were super cool. The manufacturers did a good job in the color blending. Another thing that intrigues me is the different levels embedded in the game. That made it competitive, as you want to pass through every obstacle and get to the next stage and so on. The next interesting thing about the Mario game is the sound track. The sound is exceptional and unique, am sure anyone who played the game would agree with me on that.

Super Mario

The game is an adventure kind of game or can be referred to as a platform game, having over 30 levels were you (Mario) have to jump up and down to beat obstacles looking like a mushroom by either stepping on them or jump over them, the goal is to make sure Mario stay alive from each stage, collect as many coins as possible, earn many life’s as you progress and solving puzzles all this you do moving to the right. Each level has a time frame and an exit door is found at the end. Mario is joined my LUIGI at some stage which is part of Mario’s task, there is also baby Mario, when Mario is struck by the enemy, baby Mario falls down from Mario’s back and a timer starts, once it counts down baby bowers minions fly on the screen kidnap baby Mario.

Some other feature includes, invisibility, when Mario picks up a star he becomes temporarily invisible, speed and jumping power is also increased, flying ability, power suit, coin and many others.

The super Mario music/sound track, designed by koji kondo, is another super feature, its uniqueness makes it iconic and well known

Super Mario was first manufactured in 1985 by NITENDO, the game has several series, like the Wario series, Luigi series, Yoshi series, Mario kart and Party. The last updated is the super Mario bros, U Deluxe in 2019 each updates with different task for Mario.

Let’s play some super Mario

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