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Ben and I lived with his parents in a small village of Ogidi, due west of the eastern part of JINGA.

We are known for our Hard-Work and strength. Definitely, you cant compare us with the aliens of Mars, we have also Engraved the names of so many Heroes on the wall of the great Jinga Land. They were men who sacrificed their lives for the independence and freedom from slavery.

They all fought and brought victory, then died victors in the battle field of the colonial war in Pluto A.D669.


This is getting out of hand, how can we be suffering in our own father’s land, we can’t even fight for ourselves. Our wives and kids have been taken away into the dark land. My father, Avent Neom, was among the chosen men to fight for our freedom. My mom had just given birth to me; I was so tiny to withstand the bloodshed of the innocent lives being wasted. She had to take us away, before dawn of the agreed night of deaths. As we walked through the sketchy pathways my mom said, we began to hear the cry of the little children in a nearby bush. Who could they be? That can’t be, we can’t stop now.


The Recruitment.

After our village had faced so many communal clashes, the Retired Generals Decided to recruit young adults like us for training. The minimum age required was 20 and above, unfortunately for me I wasn’t up to the required age but Ben was. It has been my ambition to join, for no other reason than to avenge the death of my father.

I went home after the bad news feeling devastated; but who wouldn’t be? After we had trekked about 10 miles to get to the headquarters.

Weeks went by, but nothing for me. I decided to be sneaking in and watched others do their training. On one of the usual days, while I was going to do my peep, something passed me with the speed of light, like a flash. Flash might be slow compared to its fastness. At first, I thought I was hallucinating; I had taken some alcohol before going out that day. It passed again this time, and then I decided to hide and watch.



I have always heard the old, people who lived to see the end of the war talk about ATINGA. They had said that it’s an alien that feeds on human; they eat both bone and flesh.

I became afraid after those stories crossed my mind. So we are all going to die? Does it mean the elders know about another invasion? Was that why they decided to recruit us for training? So many questions crossed my head. On the hand I was partially happy; beside I won’t be among the fighters.

I decided to be a ONE MINUTE SUPER HERO. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me back to my village to warn them. Alas, the village was left with the flow of blood, gushing out like a lake. The blood of my people? These Atingas were really heartless. Their round shaped head with a faceless face. Its mouth contained only two pairs of incisors for piercing and sucking of blood like vampires. I felt sick, losing my Father and now the whole villagers.

I had to run back to the training camp, to warn them of the attack.

The camp had been attacked even, before the village was attacked. It was like a movie. I couldn’t locate Ben and some other surviving Vigilantes.


I picked some weapons I could lay my hands on; luckily I found a riffle, a dagger, a pistol and a knife. I picked a uniform from the camp and began to survive alone. Without any knowledge of using those Guns, I decided to fight with the knife and dagger.

I had an encounter with one of the Aliens, he beat the hell out of me, but I managed to kill it at the end, hitting it in different parts of its Stinky body, I now know their weak point; THE HEAD, after sticking my dagger into its Head. If only I could locate other survivors, we can win the battle. I tried locating their camp by following one of the Alien. They had a general; it was the leader of the Troops. It has an oval shaped face with 4 ears, having four hands and one leg. You could imagine what sort of Alien it was. FREAKY indeed.

I returned to the camp for a better plan and strategy for attack, since I have discovered their weak point.

I heard a gun shot, like 4 rounds of bullet was fired, i rushed out to check where it came from, it was BEN, I felt relieved at least for once.

The next day we made a plan on how to attack. Me collected some explosives, as much as possible and then set out for the mission. We hit them hard that they began to Go with their Ship. When other survivors saw what we did, the were amazed and joined forces with us and fought tirelessly.

At the End, we Won and restored Peace to our land.

Few days after the fight another recruitment was organised, I applied but was turned down. Their reason was that........ Well it was known to them alone. No one commended my Bravery but within me I knew i deserved an applaud but none came...

Months later I was called to the Quarters for an Emergency.. Another war has broke out in the far east. But am not a vigilante i said, you are not just a vigilante, but the HEAD OF THE VIGILANTEES., you just got promoted. Go get ready with your boys... That was the last word I remembered before going to bed that night.

It was just an Imagination in my HEAD.