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What You Don't Know About Enjin Blockchain
When it comes to the world of online games, eSport games stands out. In fact eSport games are becoming popular brand by the day with millions of dollar being traded on the sales of online games on various online platforms including enjin platform. These gaming platforms provide users with fantastic gaming experience. While majority of the platform are for gaming, some other platform has incorporated other options to the your stay on the platform worthwhile and EJN is one of it. image You may begin to wonder what is Enjin abouy right? Enjin is the most popular and decentralised online Ethereum blockchain platform where game lover and blockchain enthusiast can earn enjin digital coin by playing games, posting on the forum to mine enjin coin and as well trade them for games, property or convert to other coins. We can as well say enjin coin is a cryptocurrency earn by online gamer which can be used to trade virtual goods, allow gamer to virtual ownership or grow their digital wallet. One major stand out of the platform is its compatibility with other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin that enable users to buy ENJ coin from popular exchange platform like Binance without much stress.. image Why Enjin was developed? There is no doubt that scammer and fraudster have continued to litter the cyber space. This scammer’s device different means using sophisticated software to span individual worth millions of dollars annually and data has shown that for every legitimate virtual item or goods purchased, about 7.5 of those items are lost to fraudsters. This singular threat gave birth to enjin platform; created to provide trust and security in the online digital market coupled with minimal transaction fees. Here, tools have been developed to enable game servers, game publisher and community to administer the platform. image How Enjin platform has improve my gaming experience Before now, i use to buy games from the road side games seller who provides game lover with cheap DVD of Video games. It was a moving market as the DVD plates where pirated and comes very cheap. Sometimes, this game can be installed on my laptop at cheaper cost. Coming in contact about enjin by Swolesome post made me go into research about the coin. It was interesting going through the white paper and at the end I registered on enjin platform. It was very easy to set up my account and mobile community as well as my smart wallet to secure my coins. Since then, I can say my gaming experience has being fun. Not only has the platform given an easy access to play games of my choice but earn enjin coins playing my best game that support EJN. image There are other options that I have to increase my enjin coin which is my participating and contributing to the platform by writing blogs. This is a good way bloggers can earn coin as we have in scorum. One amazing thing again about ENJ is that gamer can own valuable currencies and other rare items that nobody can steal from me or convert such items to enjin coins. Make out time to visit EJN platform to explore the platform earning coin directly to your wallet while having fun with your best game.This is my entry for Swolesome contest on Enjin coin for 500 SCR and 1000 Enjin coin for the winner. You can join this contest and look up for the rules by following the link below https://scorum.com/en-us/cybersport/@swolesome/500-scorum-tokens-and-1000-enjin-tokens-up-for-grabs

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