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Football is one of the positive activities that everyone can do. Especially if done by children. and Football is a popular type of sport in the world. This sport can be played by children to adults, both men and women. In addition to fun, it turns out soccer has benefits.

Supporting Growth and Health

By playing soccer, growth and child health will increase because they are required to always exercise, move nimble and agile in running chase the ball and roam through the entire field.

Through these activities, endurance, speed and balance of children will be trained maximally. In addition, football also includes active exercise that can strengthen the bones of children and develop muscle so that they have extra resistance to disease attacks.

Physical Healthy

Today many of our friends are already obese. One cause is less moving, plus an unbalanced or excessive diet. Even obesity is already present suffered by 2-year-old toddlers. Well, football can be the way we prevent obesity. Football sports make our bodies move, so the trained muscles and energy in the body do not accumulate as fat.

Healthy Brain

Although many moves on this game are legs, but the brain is also trained. Not just for heading the ball, yes! Hehehe..

In the game of football, players are required to move crossways, run there, run here, estimate the distance of the ball with a goal, and various other strategies. Well, this is what causes the brain to work, so it becomes healthier.

Make friends

Football is a team sport, one team is filled by 11 people. Thus, there is an interaction in it, everyone is putting together strategies, giving each other a boost when they lose or win.

Football also teaches us a sportive attitude, which is to accept all the advantages and disadvantages and the results of every effort. 

You can compare soccer with other team sports like baseball, which requires players to show individual skills on certain functions only. In football, this is not entirely applicable, because all players are required to establish communication and cooperation with other members, so that children can personally identify the value of success, rather than addressing individual skills to defeat other players.

In addition to the skill of playing football that will be honed, many other benefits that will be felt by a child. For that, immediately train them professionally through the children's ball school!

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