In the World of Football Maybe we will all agree if football is a sport of a million / billion people in the world. We must admit that the development also adds to the excitement in this field of soccer sports with various extraordinary competitions. Unfortunately football violations that are not seen by court judges / referees are often the source of resentment among players, coaches and even fans themselves.

The technological development apparently has a role in this sport, from goal line technology, spider cam and the biggest thing is VAR / Video Assistant Referee.

In the past few years "VAR" has been widely discussed, some have agreed and some have disagreed with the system initiated by Marco Van Basten Ajax and AC Milan.

VAR was approved by the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in 2016, tested in August 2016 in a match between two reserve teams Major League Soccer (MLS) and was introduced a few months later in an international friendly match between France and Italy where France won with a score of 3-1.

After the successful use of VAR at the 2017 Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup yesterday, some of Europe's top leagues were initially divided and weighed the use of VAR in competition in contrast to the A-League competition in Australia, being the first in implementing the VAR system for a far professional league match before the Russian world cup on April 7, 2017.

Lapse of the Year, the MAGIC VAR SYSTEM finally managed to get the attention of football club competition in the world. After the Bundesliga and Serie A in the 2017–18 season as the first European competition to use this VAR system, La Liga follows in the 2018–19 season again, other competitions such as the 2017 U-20 World Cup, 2017-2018 French League Cup and even League competitions 2019-2020 Champions season, 2019 Super Cup Final, Euro 2020 Tournament Final, Europaleague 2020-2021, 2021 UEFA National League Final will use this system.

There are losses and benefits from the existence of VAR. and there are funny stories coming from one of the biggest competitions of European football, Premier League / Premier League. A few months ago the compact major league refused VAR to be used in the Premier League competition, from the crisis of players, coaches and even a one-vote club regarding the rejection of VAR.

But the funny start of the 2018-2019 season is the League Cup and FA Cup competition using the VAR system, even in the 2017 FA Cup Final competition between Manchester United vs Chelsea, VAR has been used.

November 15, 2018 it finally proved to be a Premier League, "like licking his own saliva"

Given the potential of this VAR system, although many criticize the fact that court judges/referees make decisions in difficult times, such rejection only requires time to be silenced or eliminated by emoticons. And hopefully with the existence of this VAR system no one will be disadvantaged and benefit.