For the fourth time in his history, River Plate was the champion of South America after having defeated Boca Juniors in the returning final of Copa Libertadores at the Santiago Bernabeu with 3-1 in continuation and with a total of 5-3 won the greatest "Superclassico" in history.

After a tenth minute, the first chance had the "yellow-blue" after a corner on the right side. Pablo Perez received a midfielder, struck with his right leg, but Armani surely defended him. They returned the "white-red" with Nacho Fernandez's shot in the 20th minute, but the shot ended the goal.

The biggest opportunity in the first part was played by the Scots guys in the 30th minute. Benedetto made a free kick, the ball from the "living wall" turned down to Pablo Perez, who was struck by a seeming position, but the bloc saved Armani and River. When a calm finish was predicted, in the 44th minute Boca led.

Nandez, with a wonderful ball around the field, found Benedetto, who finishes Maidana and places him in the powerless Armani (0-1).

Gillardo's team better started the second part, Nacho Fernandez tried a shot from a distance, but was somewhat imprecise. In the 56th minute, the fans of River were looking for the toughest penalty after Andrad's start on Prato, but the chief referee did not interrupt the game. Sagittarius Benedetto had no strength for more than an hour and gave way to Abiglia.

Exactly in the middle of the second part, River performed a super-action on the ground and reached the leveling. Nacho Fernandez scored on the right, found Lucas Prato in the heart of the penalty area, and this one easily bothered the Boca goalkeeper for 1-1.

The match was stirred, many players "yellowed," Boca had an indirect hit in the penalty area, but the unresolved result did not change, and the duo entered in the sequel. The skeleton decided for the experienced Gago as far back as the 85th minute and the match became completely cautious and much more dynamic.

Extra time could not have begun to worse for Boca, as Colombian Barrios earned a second yellow card and had to leave his team for almost half an hour with a man less. However, Skelot closed the team, River had only a whipping initiative and did not create a mature chance.

But in the 109th minute, young Columbus, Quintero decided to strike from the edge of the penalty area, struck hard under the hindrance and Andrada failed to explain (2-1). This goal threw into the ecstasy of thousands of fans on River and Boca had to throw all the "cards" in the attack. Tevez tried, the injured Gago, Hara hit the post, but did not come to level. In the second minute of the referees, Andrada left the goal and in the counter and Piti Martinez put the final 3-1 in an empty goal.

All HLc 12.09.2018 River Plate VS Boca Juniors (5-3 GLobal) Enjoy.......

How did the crowd greet Messi in the Copa Libertadores final?

On the crowded stadium Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid came fans of both Argentine teams, among them Lionel Messi, who came along with his son Tiago.

The audience with the cheers welcomed the football player:

The match that will be decided by the winner of the Copa Libertadores is also followed by Paolo Dibala, Claudio Tapia, Giorgio Chiellini, Antoine Grizman and other top players.

Buenos Aires in red and white: Fans start fest for the River title (VIDEO)

It will be celebrated in the Argentine capital for a long night, with the appearance that darkness has yet to fall, and the celebration will last for sure early in the morning. It's not a small thing to beat Boca in the epic final. The victory over the biggest rival in the most important match is a special reason for a national celebration. At least for those who are red and white.

On the following link you can follow the live situation in Argentina (celebration).