The 2018 FIFA World Cup was the biggest disgraced the German has ever experience when they were eliminated from the group stage of the tournament for the first time in 80 years. They left despite parading top players in Europe major leagues.

Germany or rather the German machine is name that every football lover must not deny knowledge of and when it comes to FIFA World Cup, they are stakeholders. Germany has stood on the podium of the world cup in all the decades( 1930’s -2014) it was held, either as winner, runners up or third place more than any country in football history. Not eve almighty Brazil has achieved that feat. Secondly aside teams like Argentina, Spain and Brazil, Germany has won the World Cup outside their continent. According to tournament statistics, Germany is rated 89% probability of finishing in third place before the start of the tournament.

One would have believed that Germany after their embracing outing must have done their home assignment months later to give their countrymen hope but that seems from the horizon. The team continue to struggle under Joachim Low watch and it seems, he is becoming helpless in the situation.

A day ago resurgent Netherland team that have tasted bad run in recent time’s saw off World Cup champions France in 2-0 win a day ago. That keeps Germany rocking bottom of the league A group with 1 point from their first three matches. This result ensured Germany was relegated to league B in the 2018-2019 UEFA Nations League A. They will hence forth not play the big boys but welcome by team they have seen as average.

As Germany prepares to play in the UEFA Nations League B when the tournament starts for 2020-2022 where will play lesser teams, my advice is that Joachim Low should go back to the drawing board to find out what went wrong with the exceptional team his assembled in 2014 that made Brazil weep in front of their fan with 7-1 humiliation. My encouragement to the man I feel in love with his style of play, I say ‘’we must find encouragement from our previous successes to stand in hard times’’

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