You are bound to give sideway and back passes to keep the game in control; sometimes you give the ball back to allow to opponent press high which creates space in the opponents half. It's football and you must understand it.

Toni Kroos has created more chances than anyone else in the UCL this season (15) yet we have geniuses who know absolutely nothing about the game call him overrated and a sideways/backwards passing merchant.

I mean, yeah sure he does pass sideways and backwards a lot but when you make over 100 passes in a game as a midfielder, the majority obviously is to the side and back. That's literally how any regista plays. If you knew any sort of football, you'd know that.

Imagine thinking a 4 time UCL winner and a world cup winner with insane statistics is overrated. Couldn't be me, chief.


Busquets receives the maximum num of passes at Barca and most of them are back passes ; you give a back pass to Busi not to save yourself only ; in fact it's Busi who creates all those passing lanes and spaces after receiving it. Kroos is a massive player ; he is one of the best midfielders right now.