In this friendly competition, Bahrain will host Tajikistan at Stād al-Bahrayn al-Watanī stadium. Bahrain in their last five games, performed very badly, as did Tajikistan, also experienced the same thing. They appear unattractive in the last five games.

In the last three matches of the two teams, Bahrain were slightly superior to Tajikistan. Bahrain recorded one victory and two matches ended in a draw. While Tajikistan lost one match and two matches ended in a draw. This will probably be a tough match for Tajikistan.

When viewed from the performance of the two teams, so far, the two teams have almost fulfilled the same strength. But when viewed from the quality of the players, Bahrain is far superior compared to a number of Tajikistan players in this match.

Although Tajikistan is known there are two players who will trouble the Bahrain defense, Dzhalilov and Umarbaev. But it is not known, whether they will be lowered as the first starter, or only the second tier players, who will be revealed in the match later.

Head to Head and Bahrain vs Tajikistan Prediction

In the last three teams, Bahrain have recorded one victory and two draws when meeting Tajikistan. This means that Tajikistan has recorded two draws and one defeat. Although Bahrain has been fortunate to win one time, but Tajikistan is not a trivial opponent, it could have changed this time.

In the last five games, Bahrain have recorded one win, two defeats and two matches to hold a draw. Winning when meeting Myanmar 4-1, lost when meeting Oman 2-1 and when meeting Syria 0-1. While two draws when meeting China 0-0 and when they met Philippines 1-1.

While in the last five games, Tajikistan has defeated once, lost three and ended one draw. Winning when they visited Palestine 0-2, and lost at home to Palestine 0-2, lost when they met Oman 2-1, and 1-0. And once lost against Palestine 0-0.

In the statistical analysis and final performance of the two teams, I can conclude that the two teams might almost have the same team strength. Although Bahrain can win one match, Tajikistan does not appear to be a squad that must be underestimated. My prediction for Tajikistan's 1-0 Bahrain match. What do you think?