Hello! Friends,

Yesterday became a discussion on Neymar ready to leave Paris Saint Germain. The PSG president on the other claimed that nobody force Neymar to sign the contract and therefore he's ready to release him at any point in time through the Brazilian himself wanted to go back to Barcelona, but with the deal and his monthly payment I am not too sure if Barcelona is ready to pick that offer.

On the other news from the English Premier League, Paul Pogba made a demand for his exit to the entire team and the vice president Ed Woodward not ready to release the French professional. Paris Saint-German ready to pick the offer from Manchester United in place of Neymar. Oh yes, Neymar is a good player for Man U and it will make a positive effect if he joins the team, but the vice chairman has rejected the swapping of Neymar for Pogba due to two reasons.

Firstly, Ed Woodward considered week salary for anymore, which is £900,000 and this is huge in the United and he claimed that this can cause a major problem with the club. Secondly, he's not ready to trade away Pogba for anything, he still wants the French professional at Old Trafford despite the readiness of Pogba to leave any time soon.

A quick flashback. Paul Pogba joined United 2016 from Juventus with a deal of £89 and he has spent three seasons so far. The inner fight of leaving the club might contribute to the output of the player if such player refuses of his decision. I love the courage and understanding demonstrated by the PSG president to make Neymar open for the market but the point now is who is ready to pick this offer? What will be the outcome of £900,000 weekly salary for Neymar?

For Manchester United, Pogba is very important to them but again no one is indispensable. Pogba wants to leave alone him to go and make a plan for better midfielders, it will only take little time to build team provided you sign the right player.

We still continue to see the outcome of Neymar and Pogba Exit!!!