This is a glorious achievement every players has always dreamt pull off but it doesn't seem quite am easy task to uphold. Top players have scored couple of hat tricks in a season but haven't given it all for a club side debut hat trick. However few players broke the jinx.


An Italian striker born in Perugia, Italy on 11 December, 1968. After leaving Juventus for middlesbrough, in the 1996/97 EPL campaign, he bagged his debut hat trick goals for Middlesbrough against Liverpool on matchday 1. Goals in style includes a penalty, tap in and trickled finish post scramble.

Nicknamed the white feather, Ravanelli made a positive impact arriving at Middlesbrough. Also tagged as the saviour, he was among the top scorers for the season with 16 goals. Alas, his goals could not save Middlesbrough from relegation. worthy enough, he led them to two domestic cup finals; the FA & league cup finals which they lost to Chelsea and Leicester city respectively. His individual glory includes: Top scorer in coppa Italia (1994-95 ; 6 goals) & Top scorer in serie 2C (1987–88 ; 23 goals).

One amazing thing about this player is that he started his senior club side career at Perugia (1986-89) with 90appearances{41goals} likewise ending at Perugia(2004-05) with 41appearances{9goals}.


Born on 19 October, 1976 in Hamilton, Scotland is a successful midfielder who is among the pro's with a debut hat trick goal registered under his name. Hartley has always played for the Scottish clubs then moved to England (Bristol ; 2009/10). On his return to Scotland, he scored a hat trick for Aberdeen in a 4-0 win against Hamilton Academicals(2010/11).

A good thing about Hartley was that he scored his debut hat trick against his hometown team that gave him his first senior team career.


Nils is a German born professional football player who strikes for SC Freiburg. Nils went on loan from Werder Bremen to SC Freiburg in 2015 where he performed some kind of wonder kid magic. In his debut match against Eintracht Frankfurt, he saw his goals in the 63rd, 69th & 88th minute respectively. His goals were glorious as he gave the team a comeback win and extended the lead goals. He has 12appearances ; 9goals in Bundesliga games for Freiburg on loan before signing his yearly contract.

Nils scored his debut hat trick as a substitute for J.Schuster (PERFECTO).


The English born striker made his claim, sending terror down the nerves of any team opposing Everton in the 1988-89 English first division league. It was a game against Newcastle United that Tony showed his hunger for goal. The match which ended 4 to nil in favor of Everton.

Tony saw his first goal in the 1st minute of the game as well as subsequent goals in the 30th and 61st minute before Sharp made the game 4-0 in the 81st minute.

It was a wonderful day for him.

He won the PFA young player of the year 1985-86 as an individual honour added to his club collections.


Born 15 January, 1983 in Nottingham, England. Jermaine here has a different debut case. His was for the league not the team. His debut for Arsenal against middlesbrough in the league cup welcomed him with no goals. He was the youngest ever first team player signed by Arsenal in 1999 from Notts country at the age of 16years. He saw his debut hat trick and only goals for arsenal in his first EPL match for Arsenal. Hopes began to rise about the young star, Alas those were his last EPL goals for Arsenal.

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