This is pure fantasy. In last article I wrote maybe someone in Premier League should play 3:4 or 4:3 and as you could see some people are reading it carefully. Why game between Tottenham and Southampton ended 3:3 and not 3:4 you can ask player on the picture. It was 3:3 referee who was in the game extended game for more than added minutes, ball was on the left, cross came in and Clemon sent it over crossbar and not inside the goal! It ended in 3:3 draw.

Game started with injuries, then Pedro Porro opened the deadlock for 0:1 near the end of first half. As soon they took the lead Tottenham players started to stand inside own 20 meters just clearing balls after crosses, leaving plenty of space to opponent letting crosses fly in without any problems. I was nervous not knowing why are they doing that. I figured out it on 2:3. :) It's wonder how they didn't concede until half time. What they didn't make in first half they did in second with beautiful letting ball through for counter attack. Lenglet and Perisic were all over the place and it was 1:1. Hojbjerg then made deliberate handball for Word-Prowse but he sent ball from free kick just over the crossbar.

Tottenham started to play better after that. Kane scored for 1:2, then Perisic who was non existent in defense scored for 1:3 after ball came to him on around 16 meters. I thought that's it, but then Spurs dropped into save who is alive mode again. One shot, great save by Forster who tipped ball over crossbar into corner. However someone lost air duel after corner, ball went down for easy goal from close range 2:3. Minute after there was great chance for hosts, but Forster saved it. He was not in the game. If he let that for 3:3 there will be time for 3:4 or 4:3, but he didn't! Then near the end Conte made substitutes and one of them Sarr kicked opponent in 92th minute inside own box for penalty and it was 3:3. He was dead laughing after doing that. LoL! Drama then started. 5 minutes of extra time, 3 more to play, but game lasted longer and in last attempt Lenglet missed chance to score from around 5-6 meters. He did that header over the crossbar. Shell I say how disappointed people in Malaysia and in other parts of world are after this! :)

Those jokers can't not only go to top 4, but they can't play 3:4 against Southampton whose two central defenders went out of the game. Unforgivable!

Remember this is fantasy, which almost turned out into reality. :) I was close didn't I ?