Son in big chance against City

It was 0:1 for City, 87th minute, Spurs recovered ball and made action, Son ran toward goalkeeper with player behind him, just like he loves, expectation of Arsenal fans were big, but Tottenham legend missed the chance! Goalkeeper saved it with his leg! Soon after Pedro Porro made penalty over Doku and it was 0:2 and game over.

In this game we saw Ange can adapt, he actually can put Van de Ven left and Dragusin who is very good player can play in left central back position very good, he actually can play with two forward instead of three. Question is why now in 37th game of season why not before ? Spurs were solid, had more possession, same number of shots and big chances, more corners etc... We looked good in most of this game against City when they need points the most.

Fact I don't understand are rough starts on De Bryune and Ederson who were forced to go out because of injuries. Why were Sarr and Romero so reckless. I also don't understand Ange's outburst to fan behind him, even less his recent statements about how fragile it's inside and outside of our club. Why was important to win vs City and not vs Arsenal, Newcastle, Liverpool or Chelsea ? I have less understanding for sending fans to counseling because they don't want Arsenal to win the league.

On the other hand Son cemented his legendary status in Tottenham with this miss. Sometimes it's more important to miss then to score, football is played by heads not only legs! I must admit thought running through my head was "He wouldn't, wouldn't he ?". I can see Pep was also upset with this situation!

Pep on Son's chance vs City

Truth is we tried our best, but more clinical team won and will get 4th title in row first time in England Football if they can win vs West Ham on weekend!

I saw world class tweet today saying "Arsenal is suffering from small club mentality because they let Aston Villa take 6 points so they can stop Spurs from going into Champions League!" LoL! This defeat really doesn't upset me! I am especially glad because of PGMOL because they did every effort to help Arsenal, but most likely failed in their mission! Cry more Howard Webb, Dermot Gallagher, Michael Oliver!

I also hear funny song on Talk Sport saying "Arteta is crying in his bed, his title dreams are dead, he's got lego head, we'll letting Pep win instead!"