And the winner is ... Torino!

They got 7 straight right into the net at home ground. They also failed to score single goal. Torino, 10th placed club on Serie A table lost game against Atalanta Bergamo with incredible LOTO-like result of 0:7. Nightmare uneasy to forget for home fans started in 17th minute when their Uruguayan player D. Laxalt failed in simple clearing on right back position. He got blocked by J. Palomino who took the ball and made low cross for J. Ilicic who fired it home from close range near second post. Laxalt not only failed to clear the ball, but also failed in making foul for yellow card just after it outside of penalty area. Palomino dodged out from his hands like fish and made nice cross for goal. Second came in 29. minute. It was great first touch left foot volley by German player R. Gosens. Shoot was to powerful and to precise. Third was from penalty given for suspicious foul over Ilicic. D.Zapata who returned from injury easily scored from the spot in injurty time of first half. That was complete shipwreck in first half.

Can things go worse for home side ? Yes they can! Long ball cleared by Atalanta defender, following by foul near center with goal keeper caught far away from goal was enough for hero of the night Ilicic who took free kick to fast and scored a goal from wonderful shot from center! Awesome and rarely seen! Minute 53. Euro goal! Levy from Tottenham could watch that and decide about striker. :)

Ilicic scored from center against Torino

Same player completed hat trick after great pass which found him inside the box for easy execution in 54th minute. Firecracker (local Serbian term for 5 into the net because of similarity of word 5 and firecracker in Serbian language) exploded! LoL

Soon pissed off home players started to get red cards making this adults only game even more worse for Torino. Atalanta manager replaced Gosens with Muriel and Colombian lad scored 2 more goals near the end. 6th came after yet another penalty after yet another highly suspicious fall without much contact inside the box. Atalanta player jumped inside like he is jumping in swimming pool. LOL. Muriel converted penalty into goal. LOTO win has been completed in 89th minute when same player fired up nice shot from 5m straight inside the net. It's 0:7 for total debacle of pathetic home side! That was to much for home player Sasa Lukic. Serbian kicked Atalanta player after and furiously went out from pitch after getting well deserved red card.

Torino fan can not believe what he is seeing

Words for consolation

I need explanation why this article is beginning with "and the winner is ...Torino" ? In LOTO draw here main prize goes to person who guess 7 correct numbers from 39. Before final number lady which is tracking and announcing numbers on TV checks if there is possibility for winner and if someone win 7 after final number she says "and the winner is our LOTO player from ... " following by town in which prize is going. Some clubs were close to LOTO win this season, but they usually stopped near 6, but Torino managed to get 7 without scoring single! That's why they are total, absolute and indisputable winners.

Not only they are winners, they are also lucky winners because result could be easily 0:10 if away side did not hit post 2 times and if Torino goalkeeper didn't save few big chances on 0:1. They can moan on referee and VAR for two suspicious penalties, but all around Italy when they see them they will sing now "Is it 1? NO! Is it 2? NO! .. Is it 7? YES! Is it Atalanta YES! LoL.

Happy moan day Torino your coach and players are not for football, they are more for playing LOTO!

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