MIckey Van de Ven screamer vs Nottingham Forest

Ball is inside the box, short pass toward Son, will he shoot ? He is trying to find position, he passed short left toward Van de Ven he shots oh it's in what a rocket by Dutchman! That was game deciding moment in yesterday Tottenham win against Nottingham Forest with 3:1. This was second goal for Spurs which sent match into direction home fans wanted. It could go to other direction too in first half. During 1:1 result Nottingham had chance Vicario deflected ball shortly, Chris Wood was on the ball, but he made very powerful shot which hit the post. If that was 1:2 it's big question how would it end.

Tottenham started well, ball moved fast just like players without ball, Spurs players made some shots from distance too. It looked goal can be scored in any moment. Then Timo Werner ran through left side and sent usual low cross and Forest player failed to clear it but diverted it into own net. Soon after Spurs have been caught on counter attack, Udogie was out of position, Van de Ven ran left but couldn't prevent pass inside, then Romero tried to block, but ball went through his legs inside the box, where ball went again through legs this time of Porro and ended up inside the net for 1:1. Wood scored it. Then that big chance for Wood happen, but he hit post. Tottenham waited for half time.

Bissouma and Sarr stayed in dressing room after and Bentancur and Hojbjerg came in. Those two players changed the game. Tottenham looked threatening, dominated in second half big time and fully deserved victory. Van de Ven rocket was the best moment of the game which made me jump from sofa. I had even trouble to see ball on slow motion. I mean when I click pause it looked like ball dissappear from recording. That's how fast it was. Nottingham goalkeeper couldn't even blink and it was inside the net. Goal caused maddens on stadium and you could her "Baby give it up" song I mean "nananananan Mickey Van de Ven, Van de Ven, Mickey Van de Ven" from everywhere.

Third happen after Maddison ran into the box, sent cross which Bentancur diverted with head on superb way toward Spurs players and Pedro Porro slammed it home with outer part of right foot. Ball ended just bellow crossbar and close to the post. It was very effective goal too. Spurs had some promising attacks after that too. Lo Celso and Kulusevski came in, there was one dangerous attempt saved by goalkeeper, but result didn't change. Worth mentioning is Hojbjerg's attempt outside box on 1:1 barely saved by Nottingham Forest goalkeeper during 1:1 result. Hojbjerg also made one bad pass near the end which lead toward "save who is alive" situation inside the box, but we managed to recover the ball. Dane was good, but he really need to eliminate those "something else" moments which happen once per game.

Nice win, important 3 points are there, but next 3-4 matches will be close encounters of third kind vs Newcastle, Arsenal, City. We need to be on the top of our game to get anything from those games. There are Chelsea and Liverpool waiting in queue too. Next game against Newcastle away will be spectacle.

Celebration after the game DJ deserve pay rise. Credit to SpursSongSheet