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In the podcast of one Tottenham fan I heard one shocking information about sacking of José Mourinho from Spurs. He told literally Jose was sacked before Southampton Premier Leauge game because he wanted to rest some key players for League Cup final club played few days after. Reason behind was probably the fact we were 7th and top 4 spot is more important to the board than cup trophies because it brings tens of millions to the club while cup brings just few millions.

How spursy does this sound to you ? I was shocked, I didn't believe in it at first watching, but when other fan from Tottenham TV channel told he knows that is truth for sure I believed. What are we dealing with here then ?

This is clear sign of wish not to win trophy. You probably know what Despot means it's international word and title for authoritarian ruler. So Despot Daniel is not only doing "opportunistic buying" of players no matter if coach or staff want them, under spending, not getting rid of bad players, rewarding failure players with new contracts, but also sacking managers if they don't follow his instructions in picking up first team ?! How spursy does this sound to you ?

When things look like they could go out of control and those who are against his ownership could win fans some Sunday league errors or games with disinterested players start happening in a row and then he changes manager and circle can continue.

Real lack of any wish to win anything or even wish not to win, he masks cleverly with appointing managers with CVs full of trophies so he can trick fans that trophies are coming, but only things which are actually coming are more buildings and new manager after maximum of 12-18 months.

I thought he need advice, maybe little pressure by fans to do right things, but after this against Sheffield I think fans need to do some action against this ownership. The most dedicated fans are those who are going on away games so called "Tottenham Away". Rest of fans who only visit home games should follow them, like we who watch and support club or try to write blogs about it internationally.

TottenhamTV question was shell we be interested in rest of this season if Milan knock us out of Champions League ? Is top 4 spot that attractive to fans ? My answer to that is yes and convert any home game into "Get out of our club..." concerts at least in 15th minute because 15 years has passed from our last trophy. I don't mean 100 fans signing it I meant entire stadium rocking. Of course support team, coach and staff in battle on the field. When all stadium especially terrace where he is start that and turning toward him that could be quite unpleasant and he'll surely get some non wanted media attention. When season is over if he's in charge he'll do whatever he wants including selling of Harry Kane. Real goal should be take over of club by some normal owner who will run club like other owners while football club still exists. Why do I say that ?

Did you read plans to convert Tottenham in multi sport club ? Article said in Italy some clubs have football and basketball section etc... Also here two the biggest clubs have a lot of sections even for chess and waterpolo... However football as profitable sport is financing all of them through "Sport Society of" club X. If not football club, then local community. Even second sport basketball is non profitable in Europe. Fun fact basketball club chairman here wants to enter into football club to put stadium under mortgage because he has debts for tax. He's doing it by taking over "Sport Society". :)

No Tottenham fans you don't want that type of sport society or multi club in London. You want only Football Club which was big long time ago and which can and will become that again if you make action and take things into your hands.

Despot Daniel we don't forgive we don't forget pressing buttons for failure.