A night to remember at N17. Tottenham Hotspur won Chelsea with double 2:0 score. Why do I say double 2:0 ? Because it was 2:0 in goals and 2:0 in sending opponents home by sending ball between opponent legs! To make it even sweater academy product and excellent young midfield player Oliver Skipp scored great goal after superb shot from just outside of the box. Ball avoided Kullibaly, goalie just touched it to divert it into crossbar from which it felt just like fans love inside the net! Very attractive goal! Second was after corner. Eric Dier sent ball from front to back post where big daddy Harry Kane was alone and did easy tap in inside the goal! We saw one more post in first half by Hojbjerg. It was inner post, but ball didn't deflect inside the net. However I am very satisfied with result, win, clean sheet and even more with a fighting performance.

It was game full of dirty moves, non sport behavior, pushing each other after fouls, threatening etc... All started as always Chelsea. Thiago Silva 38 years old Brazilian deliberately elbowed Cutie Romero in face after free kick and believe it or not it was not given like a foul! Only question there was was it for straight red or yellow card. If you ask me red because I think he did it deliberately. However days when we tried to be good while they act like villains have passed. Stellini prepared this game really good. If opponent is dirty you must be dirty too. Kulusevski soon after elbowed Silva in one counter attack, which might or might not be on purpose. After that Kane sent one Chelsea defender home but got blocked and felt on Silva who exited game after and I was very happy about it, because that player is just threatening to someone on the pitch and do dirty fouls. Old geezer if referee doesn't want to sent you off Kane will do it! :)

They made at least 2-3 fouls on Richarlison for yellow cards, but didn't get one single yellow card until the end of first half when we saw the most bizarre situation. Kai Havertz made tripping foul for yellow card on Richarlison, ref gave Richarlison advantage then Zyech made another tackling on him hitting ball. Ref gave foul, Richarlison got angry stood up in front of Zyech there was body contact, Moroccan tried to push him, Lenglet tried to protect, other Chelsea players came in then Emerson came who puch Zyech and he responded with face hit. Referee had yellow for I think Havertz in hand, but as situation went out of control he came to linesman despite face hit happen in front of him. After consultation he gave one yellow to Havertz, one for Emerson and red for Zyech. Then VAR called him to watch recording and he decided to overturn decision and gave Zyech who was already ready to go out with I am guilty expression of face yellow card instead of red ?! How is hit in face yellow ? Non sport push in back can be yellow, initial foul was for yellow, but hit in face during pushing is for other color. Will person from VAR room Paul Thierney end his career like one who forgot to drive offside lines after Brentford goal against Arsenal ? What do you think ? Will those who didn't check Arsenal goal vs Villa for two offside players interfering with goalkeeper's view resign too or are PGMOL members losing jobs only when their decisions go against Arsenal ?

Other example from second half. We go in counter attack, Emerson has advantage over Chilwell, he pulls him with both hands for shirt, Emerson ended on the ground. I can understand it was advantage play because ball was in possession of other player, but that must be yellow card after action is finished. Chelsea are doing that in every game against us and never get yellow cards for that.

When game is like that Cutie Romero is like crocodile in the river if you know what I mean. :) He didn't do anything bad for red card, but he needs that adrenaline to play good games and this was one of them. He loves to be in such games.He feels like in South America in them.

All players were very concentrated apart from first 10-15 minutes, Skipp was great after that period, tactical tasks were followed closely and tactics was superb. Level of aggressiveness was very high like this type of games require. Dier, Davies and Lenglet showed there is hope for them, that they can keep clean sheet against top 6 opponent who we must say is way out of form with to many new players. Forster showed there is hope for him too because he looked faster, grabbed couple of balls outside line very good and saved couple of shots he should save and the most importantly he didn't make any big mistake!

Pundit and ex player Paul Merson showed again there is no hope for him like pundit because he predicted 3:0 Chelsea victory in case Potter pick up team which he did. He's actually amusing because it looks like his predictions or claims just motivate more our players. :)

Well done Stellini and Mason. Stellini kept 100% success rate when in charge 4/4 in England. We can still sing Cristian Stellini he eats rissoto he drinks espresso he won every game tho. :) Players just please don't fly to high now, don't blow away everything in FA cup game which is coming soon! Show consistency. This is how big club is playing big games against dirty opponents. COYS!