I must admit that I am really confused on what exactly is the problem of Chelsea fc team right now. The rate at which they are loosing is too much and that is something to be worried about by the team, management and the head coach plus the entire fans. Painfully we all knows that the fans won't be happy about this at all, they all knows that what they are seeing is not friendly at all. You hardly hears that Chelsea fc wins matches this days, this is really questionable I must admit. I am seeing this more than the way others might be seeing it. It is looking like the players are not happy about the management at all, we all knows that things like this happens at times. When players do not love their coach, you will definitely see them doing all they could to see that they get rid of such coach. Just like what I said above, things like this are not new again in the world of soccer, we are already aware of such strategies. If they continues like this they might not qualify for the Uefa champions league position. If they eventually fails to qualify for the Uefa champions league competition, we all knows that such thing will be worse for the team as they will struggle to attract players to their team. This is simply one thing that I don't want to experience with my team at all. The moment you are a big name team and you fail to qualify for the Uefa champions league competition, bear it in mind that your team is in trouble. They will hardly be able to attract any good players out there. The only thing they can fall to is their academy. They can buy their groom players and if possible they will start to groom other players too.

If the Chelsea fc team don't want to see their team struggling time to come, we are currently in the transfer window, this is the right time to get things fixed. What I will say is that failure for them to get things fixed right now, they should knows that they are in trouble. We all knows that we are in the second phase of the English premier league, what this means is that this is the season the English premier league winner will be decided. Since it is the trophy period all teams are always strong. Apart from this is the season where winner will be crowned, we all should knows that this is the season where those teams that will be relegated will be decided also. This is simply the place where the English premier league competition get interesting. It is difficult at this stage to even defeat any team in the relegation zone not to talk of the top four (4) position. I am always happy when we are in the second phase of the English premier league competition, it is full of life I must admit. Without much talk and discussion, there is every tendency that this is the part where you will be getting more entertained in a very good way.

One thing that I loved about the English football league (Efl) is simply because this year episode has proven to be different. Just take a look at different faces aiming for it. From observation it seems the young team might be winning this year episode of the English football league trophy. Just take a look at how they are performing and you will be amazed and wowed by their performance so far. Incase you don't know, Manchester city were thrown out of the English football league by a team occupying 20th position in the English premier league. Southampton city throw Manchester city out of the competition by defeating Manchester city 2 nil with Manchester city struggling to even record a shot on target. You need to see how Manchester city played their entire life but to wrap it up, it shows that the Southampton city team are really prepared for them. They make sure that all the Manchester city players were played out of the game. You need to see how Halaand were running all over the place looking for goals. Despite throwing their best performance and looking for ways to throw in shot, the Southampton city team makes sure that they are not afraid at all, they remain focus and calm as they got more dedicated and focus towards what lies ahead. With such strategies, they ended up defeating Manchester city 2 nil. With that win the Manchester city team are now out of the English football league (Efl) competition through the quarter final stage.

Another thing that happened is seeing the Chelsea fc team being defeated also. As for your information, this lost to Fulham fc wasn't being expected at all. I never saw it coming I must admit. I knows that the Fulham fc team are in good position, they are good side as they are performing well when it comes to the English premier league. They are currently occupying 6th position with 31 point in the English premier league, they are way above Chelsea fc who are 10th in the table with 25 point. Well, as we have it, Fulham FC moved to the Semi final stage while Chelsea fc crashes out after they lost to Fulham FC 2 Vs 1.

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