I have studied Jurgen Klopp to be that coach who loves investing his time and resources in his attack. He prefers this than investing heavily in other part of his squad. Maybe he is doing this simply because he believes when more goals are being scored that might create a cutting edge above his opponent even though they might score. That might not get to the one his team scored. That alone can give your team that cutting edge to succeed better above any other team. It seems and looks like the beauty of his (Jurgen Klopp) team are on it forward. If you put your team in good position, especially the forward. If they are able to break any defence you will find yourself raking in more point and goals than any other team. Good forward is an advantage as it causes threat when it comes to soccer.

Like why I said Jurgen Klopp loves investing in his attack, remembered how he signed Sadio Mane, Mohammed Salah to the Liverpool fc team. That gave Liverpool fc amazing forward that saw Roberto Firmino, Mohammed Salah and Sadio Mane always lining up. This line up caused alot of chaos up front when ever they are playing against any team. They were treat to any body, team or anything at all. They were able to conquer any team they came across simply because of their fine and sharp performance when it comes to the attack/forward. If you go across their record you will see that they achieved alot simply because they are working forward. They helped the Liverpool fc team and Jurgen Klopp their head coach achieved alot with their collective effort. This is why Jurgen Klopp always love contributing to his attack massively. He knows they are the brain behind his team success despite their greed which I talked about on my last post before this current one.

The question has been bothering and running through my mind on how Liverpool fc will line up during the upcoming English premier league or whatsoever competition the they will be partaking on. The reason I thinks there will be issue is simply because we have new addition in the person of Darwin Nunez. We all knows that we already have Luiz Diaz, Mohammed Salah, Diego Jota, Roberto Firmino and Darwin Nunez as the current attackers. For the now I will use that forward as a case study. I don't know if any player will be departing again from that line up.

With Darwin Nunez addition, they seems to be issue when it comes to the attack/forward. Imagine having Mohammed Salah, Luiz Diaz, Diego Jota, Roberto Firmino and Darwin Nunez. I believed Jurgen Kloop will not for any reason wants to sign Darwin Nunez with that huge amount of money then benched him. Now the big question is who will now seat on the bench since we knows Liverpool fc will be playing their regular 4-3-3 formation.

With the 4-3-3 formation it means we will have four (4) defenders and that will be Trent Arnold, Ibrahim Konate/Matip, Van Dijk and Robertson/Milner. The midfield will have players like Fabinho, Thiago Alcantara and Henderson/Keita. Now the attack is now the issue, which three (3) players will now line up front. I knows Roberto Firmino will be benched. If he is benched we will now have Luiz Diaz, Darwin Nunez, Diego Jota and Mohammed Salah. Somebody still needs to seat on the bench, who will that be?

From what I analyse above, who do you think will now seat on the bench as we all knows that it is not possible to play the entire four (4) attackers. This for sure will be a big problem for Jurgen Klopp to handle. Despite all this, we all knows that competition is good for team. With this, it shows that all players in the Liverpool fc team especially the attack will complete against each other. The better player will surely be the one that will be paying while others will seat on bench. It is for sure going to be competitive especially when it comes to the Liverpool fc attack.

Before anything, we will love to see Darwin Nunez playing upfront. In my own knowledge I thinks it will be Mohammed Salah Luiz Diaz and Darwin Nunez. It will be a rotational forward too. Diego Jota will always comes up with Luiz Diaz dropping to the bench or Diego Jota starting first. The competition will be something else just like what I hinted above. Since goals will be dropping massively, I won't for any reason complain. I just needs to keep seeing positive result as we aim to crush down any team that comes our way during the upcoming English premier league season. I believe all players will have good playing time since we will be partaking in different competition as usual.

I will end the post here, if you have anything else to say please air your view by commenting.