Without much talk, discussion and deliberation, we all should knows that this is the main part of the competition so we should be seeing a lot of amazing and captivating moment. From this stage to the final stage we should be expecting more amazing and cool moment. Nobody will want to lost at this stage, in other for that not to happen you will see almost all team, players and everybody putting in their best form so that they can definitely progress to the next phase of the competition. One thing we should note is that wether the two side plays good football or not, it is definitely one team that will progress to the other stages of the competition. The message that I am trying to pass out is that no matter what, it is one team that will surely progress to the next stage of the competition. This. Is why when it comes to soccer, you can't determine who will goes out except 90th minute is completed. The 90th minute is always the decision maker.

Main seeing the round of 16 fixtures gladdens my heart I must admit. Painfully they all won't be progressing to the next phase of the competition. It is simply the team that will win that will progress to the quarter final stage of the competition. Painfully, the one that will loose will go home since we are in the round of 16 stage. Well, I am surprised that those criticising Lionel Messi when the competition started are no longer talking again, just take a look at how Lionel Messi is putting much time and attention into the World cup matches. To wrap it up, just take a look at how many goals he has scored since the competition started, if he continues like this I know he will be among the golden boot race.

I will blog about the players fighting for the golden boot race maybe on my next post but for the now we have Kylian Mbappe with three goals on first position while Alvaro Morata of Spain is enjoying good time in this competition as he is also on his third goal radar. Enner Valencia is one player I never believe will be on this list but he has proven to the world that he is a good player with potentials. To cut the long story short, he has scored three (3) goals also. Cody Gakpo of Netherlands has scored three goals and Marcus Rashford of Spain has also scored three goals. The above listed names are the players who have scored three (3) goals in this competition. This is fantastic I must admit. It shows that the golden boot race is going to be one that alot will be fighting for. At the end we shall see who will lift the golden boot award. For the now let us brace ourselves and keep watching because anything can happen. We all knows that when it comes to soccer anything can happen.

Deviating back to what we have at hand, Lionel Messi and Julian Alvarez seals the win for the Argentina side as they progresses to the quarter final stage of this competition. They will now be playing against Netherland. This is going to be a very big test for the Argentina side as I knows that the Netherland team will never wants to give the Argentina side the opportunity to ride on them by progressing to the quarter final stage of this competition. This competition is just too amazing and superb I must admit. For record purposes, Netherland is the first team that progresses to the quarter final stage of this current World cup competition which is being hosted at Qatar. Argentina is the second team to progress to the quarter final stage of this competition. They both will be paying against each other in the quarter final stage of the competition. Any of the team that wins i.e between Argentina and Netherland, will progress to the Semi final stage of this competition. Things are really looking interesting I must admit.

Lionel Messi opens the scoring for the Argentina side in the 35th minute and the assist was from N. Otamendi. It was that single goal that ended the first half before the Australian keeper messed up as he dashes a goal to the Argentina side. The ball falls to Julian Alvarez and he converted the opportunity well. That happened in the 57th minute and I must admit that the Australian keeper, players, coach, team, fans and other people are not happy about what happened at all. Why the Australian side are trying to score, he added more salt to injury by letting that goal goes in. So painful I must admit. Well, the Australian team proved that they are a very good side as they record a goal to make it 2 Vs 1.

The goal came through Craig Goodwin in the 77th minute but that goal was not able to help the Australian side. With that being said, congratulations to Argentina as they progresses to the next stage of the competition. Mind you, they will be playing against the Netherland team in the quarter final stage of this competition. Stay glued to my channel as I feed you with more World cup moments.

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