It was a superb night at Old Trafford, with mixed feelings among the Man United fans flying all over the place. What happened to be a thrilling first half for the visitors Atalanta was overturned by the never relenting Host at the second half to claim the very important 3 points of the night. Down by two goals to nothing, the Red Devil struggled all through the first half. Pushing harder but Atalanta was the better side getting the result. After squandering many opportunities, Marcus Rashford eventually found the back of the net reigniting United hopes. Maguire equalized the game and the talisman Ronaldo scored the decisive goal in the 82nd minute.


The host Manchester United has not been really up to the task in the Champions League. At the beginning of the game, United we're at the bottom of the table in their group. The visitors leveraged the weakness and previous loopholes of the host and almost made an example of them. However, things took a different turn as the host secured an awakening goal.

Manchester energetically outperformed the visitors no doubt. Tactically and in possessions. However, they struggled with pass accuracy, communication, and good finishing. A terrible weakness that cost them the entire first half. Atalanta on the other end was pushing hard and ensuring to convert every opportunity they get. So far, the first half favored them leaving the Red Devil to bow in shame.

Two goals down, Manchester Uniter picked up themselves and push harder. They needed just one goal to turn things around. As Rashford scored the 66th-minute goal, United hope was fully restored, and they up the fight. They pressed hard until their efforts paid off.

From two goals down, United came back to win the match. Thanks to Ronaldo's decisive goal of the night.


Man United vs Atalanta was a crucial game for the Red Devils. They are already at the bottom of the table which means losing the game would only expand their woes and eventual exit from the Champions League. The former three-time champions have a lot to lose if they suffer defeat from Atalanta. Hence, it is a must-win for them.

Man U has been struggling with the domestic league, lagging on 9 successive matches. Despite having huge names in the squad they certainly were not good enough. Though it wasn't looking like it initially their comeback not only strengthened their momentum but also kept their hope alive moving out of the group stage.


Despite aging faster, the talisman Ronaldo never ceases to prove himself anytime his intervention is mostly needed. Last night he proved it again. Converting a header into the back of the net secured the much-needed 3 points for the host. Ronaldo is simply not slowing down and when you think he's no longer what he use to be, he always finds a way to prove you otherwise.


The Champions League is still a long way to go. The group stage will be ending soon and every club that made through will be facing elimination matches. For Man United, though secured a win against Atalanta, it going to take more than their performance last night to forge ahead in the keenly contested competition. They need a lot of work and brushing to do if they must progress.