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Football French League, Youngest Footballer to Score 50 Goals
Source Kylian Mbappe, I know no one is familiar with this player but today he made the world record by achieving his fastest goal scoring in the history of football. Is there any record made before at the age of his age. So yes there was a world record made by Yanik at the age of 21 years and 11 months. He made a record as scoring fastest 50 goals in his carrier in the young age. So there is a piece of great news here and a world record-breaking theory has been placed by Kylian Maappe. You will think about the age of Kylian. Wait I will tell you the age of this footballer and where he is playing now. Furthermore, at the age of 20 years 2 months he made this world record by scoring 50 goals in different matches. Source After Scoring he had great fan followers increased in just last few hours. In twitter, he is in trending on the page of Football history. So why he should not be, at the age of 20 he had scored 50 goals and fastest one. So he should be awarded and get a reward for it. Breaking a World record in sports with tough competition is not much easy as we think it needs a lot of hard work and skills. In this match, the score was the same as it did not increase but after the half time, Kylian played very aggressively and score 2 goals at the time of 69 and 89minutes each. Source Not only he had done the best thing in football but in rest of life at this age, he donated a sum of $500000 after winning the Russia league. He is great by heart and donated this money in charity. He knew the lifestyle of poor people because he also belongs to a very poor family. Another record also he made for making 22 goals in the ongoing league in only 20 matches and that is also the world record for any player. In the French league match, Mbaip scored a goal against Rematch in Paris Saint Germain (PSG). The team won the match 3-0. At the same time, Ambaap has scored 51 goals in the league-1. So here very fewer matches are played by him as he had not given his full contribution to the team. Note:- Two records were broken in this match. Highest goal scorer at the youngest ageThe highest goal scorer in the leage with 20 matches played and 22 goals hit. Thank you for giving your precious time for my blog and reading it. I will keep my self awake to bring much other good information regarding sports. I would like to know if any other records were broke by Kylian in the past which I missed out in the comment section.