Soccer / mouurinho to leave unite

Pains and joys Manchester United, 3-2 at Newcastle
Pains and joys Manchester United, 3-2 at Newcastle Mourinho is there, and save his bench, for now ... Quiet, the special one will remain in place, at least for the moment. It was not certain a walk, United goes under 0-2 after only ten minutes. The red devils in the last twenty-five minutes are unleashed and overturn the game. Some spoke of the bench at risk for the coach even regardless of the final result. Perhaps as a result of the victory, someone could change his mind and keep Mourinho in his place. The Portuguese during the week had leaked signs of impatience and nervousness. For how the game had begun, the credits of his adventure at United ... But sometimes the story rebels against the already written scripts and the unexpected takes shape, fantasy surpasses reality and Mou is still there. A team by now disconnected from its technician, for what we saw in the first half, then gave way to a great reaction that allowed the home team to go to the net three times in the last twenty-five minutes. Mata comeback on the net at 70 ', then draw Martial. Since it was a match of twists and turns, the decisive goal could only reach the last breath, with Sanchez scoring the 3-2 final goal. To know the fate of the special one we should wait for the next releases, to see if the great comeback was the result of a team that is really cohesive with the coach, or a simple reflex conditioned, which alone can not win and games. At the next fable ... .he is at the next United race

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