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As I also say, the comeback team as again being beaten at home against PSG in the ongoing Champion League round 16 of their first leg, not only beaten at home but the first England team to lose at home to PSG since PORTSMOUTH in 1923. Yes the started well with great strength at the first half of the game but they could not hold it down to the last minute of the game due to some the high tension and should I say some tactical error and also injuries that occur with some of their key players Jesse Lingard and Anthony Martial. Since the arrival of their interim Manager Ole Gunner Solskjaer, United has gotten 10 wins in 11 games even with the hope of bringing back Manchester United to their right position after he has travel to France to watch how Paris St-Germain played still the hope was not achieved. NOW THE BIG QUESTION IS “WILL MAN U BE ABLE TO COME BACK THIS TIME”? With my observation, I think that will be very hard for them because if PSG has being able to win Manchester United without their top player like Naymar , Edinson Cavani and few others then what will be their hope of winning them in their home. Secondly winning them is one thing and winning them with some good numbers of goal is another thing. Also I observe that United can’t handle speed football and playing high speed football with united course them both yellow and red card against Paul Pogba and two key injuries. Di Maria was another trait to Manchester United, a great tormentor and at 53min he disorganize United with a corner that allowed Kimpembe Presnel their first goal, 7min after Kylian Mbappe brilliantly finisg it up to become two goals against the great United. Now for Manchester United to continue with their COMEBACK and also to save their place in the round 16 of CHAMPION league game, the must mount a miraculous recovery operation that can keep them alive in the league after they have being overpower by PARIS ST-GERMAIN (PSG) at OLD TRAFFORD. THANKS FOR READING MY POST;

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