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Europe Has Waited For That Clash!
After the bitter elimination, the groups for the Champions League and Europe League are set. You all know already about it. Last year people were already hoping to see the match between the two Redbull Clubs it didn't happen. But now it will happen. And my gut already told me that it would be that way. Redbull Salzburg from Austria will encounter Redbull Leipzig. The media here in Austria call it the family duel. I don't know how well aware you are about the Redbull history but let me say you this: Europe is waiting for that. Excited to see which club is actually better. Usually, the German club is the flagship the figurehead of the Redbull house. In the past years, Salzburg developed great young talents and transferred them after that to Leipzig. It's not a secret that the German Bundesliga is much more attractive compared to Austria when we speak about the national competition. You know what? When I signed my contract back then in Salzburg at the age of 23 Redbull had the same plan. Developing one year and then the transfer to Leipzig. That's the reason why I came to Salzburg in the first place. You know what prevented the club and me to do that? My injury! After I started my journey at the new club, it took one week to get injured. And it took me 380 days to come back to the pitch. One of the hardest parts of my life. The Last Season Changed Everything. The last season we played changed how Europe look at us, even how Austria look at us. Also, our coach wanted to achieve more with this team that's why not so many players left after the season. He tried to keep them all together, and he was successful. Only three players left. Usually, 6 and more players are going after a season trying their luck in a different club. We are no longer just a development house for Leipzig that's why people are excited how both teams will compete against each other. Indeed these two games are special not only for the players. Mostly for the Redbull owner himself 😁

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