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BETSCORUM free-bet 100SCR
One of the purposes of @scorum-italia witness and @cryptoresistance is to promote the platform, the first sports exchange without commissions. We have organized this contest to improve the interaction between users and on the exchange platform. The contest is very simple, our team choose the odds with odds higher than 1.30, those who want to participate must go on Betscorum and bet 5scr, in case of losing bets, we refund the bet. Attention because we will only refund the first 20 bets. The CONTEST is sponsored by @Scorum-italia WITNESS RULES:The team decides the prediction with a odds higher than @ 1.30 Leave a message in the comments with your participation. Enter our Discord server , and leave a reaction under the post in the #betscorum free-bet room. Go to and place your 5 scr bet on the game that we have chosen. Only the stake of 5 SCR is covered for a risk-free bet. If you bet more than 5 SCR, we are liable to only 5 SCR. Your bet must be matched. In case of losing bet, put the screenshot in the room of our Discord server #betscorum free-bet. Only the first 20 bets will be refunded. You have time until the start of the match. GENOA-MILAN chance 1/X @1.697 good luck. If you like our work you can decide to vote for us as a witness through: You have 30 votes, use them because they are important @scorum-italia @cryptoresistance This is our server, you become part of our community, we know each other, we work together: If you would like to contribute to our initiatives, let us know.