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Challenge between Juventus and Barcelona to get the best midfielder
Challenge between Juventus and Barcelona to get the best midfielder Ballet of midfielders in sight: already in January the first shots can occur. And pay attention to Ramsey Arturo Vidal crushes his feet, but in the meantime the Barcelona that pampers the emerging Arthur Melo is back to be interested in Paul Pogba. Juventus is clearly on the French, but it is not the usual one-way clash on a name. The market, moreover, never sleeps, and the months like October and November, waiting for the January window, or even that of June, are those in which relationships and alliances are tightened (even with prosecutors scafati like Fernando Felicevich, which represents the Chilean, and Mino Raiola, who represents the French). Su Pogba the story that repeats on the Spain-Italy axis. Recently the journalist Guillem Balague (profound connoisseur of Spanish football and biographer of Guardiola) recalled that, when in 2012 Pogba went to Juventus, Florentino Perez refused to deal on the basis of 100 thousand euros commission, responding to the then Castilla technician, Alberto Toril: «Come back when it will cost 100». The moment has arrived, but on Barcelona with the eternal Juve there is Barcelona. Behind the two disgruntled a plethora of names expiring, starting with Adrien Rabiot, managed by the maternal philosophy that, as happened at the first contract with the PSG, is always very careful to get under deadline to get the most from the next contract. And this year already the winter window can move a lot, thanks to the fact that the Champions does not exclude those who played the groups with another club. Eye, therefore, to whom is going to expire. No club likes to lose players on a free transfer and - Arsenal did a school a year ago with Alexis Sanchez - some of them may not arrive in June. First of all Aaron Ramsey. After being the protagonist on Sunday a goal to see and review was re-approached by the club that would not want to lose it. The Welshman has an advantage: he would not claim the starting spot and he showed that entering the current game is a peculiarity not a little.