MLB / oh seung-hwan

Oh Seung-hwan clinched his team's victory
Oh Seung-hwan, also played a no-run game. The local relay team did not hesitate to count Oh as the No. 1 contributor to the anti-war movement of the Colorado Bullpen. Oh clinched his team's victory by neatly organizing the ninth inning of the game against the St. Louis Cardinals in the ninth inning at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. Oh Seung-hwan, who rose to the mound in a comfortable score gap, pitched two strikeouts in an unyielding and aggressive pitching, and finished the game with perfect pitching. With the win, Oh has recorded an ERA of 1.46 with one win, one save, and five holes in 13 matches since his move to Colorado. What is worth paying attention to is the Colorado Bullpen, which changed after Oh Seung-hwan joined the team. AT&T's broadcasting team, which is in charge of broadcasting, praised Oh, saying, "The effects can be explained." "We need to think about the Colorado Bullpen after Oh's arrival," the broadcasting team said. According to local data, Colorado Bullpen has posted an ERA of 3.65 (ranking 5th in the National League), a batting average of .219 (ranking 3rd in the league), and a FOPS of 0.656. The expected bullpen pitchers have been in a slump and are completely different from the previous ones who rushed to transfuse Oh in the trade market. The broadcasting team analyzed this as an effect of Oh Seung-hwan. After Oh was traded and joined by Toronto, the team's bullpen got much better. The batting average has been lowered, and so has the FOPS. "Oh is one of the best bullpen pitchers in the national league," Oh said. "I thought a lot about the seven previous episodes. He had the highest ERA in the seventh inning. "The sixth and seventh innings were the most difficult, but that has changed since last month," Oh said in the seventh inning. Meanwhile, Oh played 61 games this season until the game. Nine games remain until 70 games when the option is automatically invoked. The remaining games are expected to be filled smoothly. Colorado has another chance to make cheap use of Oh. Of course, if the team is active at the moment, it is highly likely that Colorado will catch Oh, even if it is not an automatic start.

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